Carl Hester

Dressage Freestyle Tests Can Be Works Of Art

See how Carl Hester and his mount Nip Tuck won at Olympia 2016, by performing their dressage freestyle. The fact that they are completely in harmony with the music, it`s the most beautiful moment in their freestyle. Their performance is embraced by the music and the pair is dancing with the beat.
It`s a great challenge to do an entertaining dressage freestyle. You have to choose a suitable music and then you have to practice each movement. The horse`s tempo and the movements must match with the music. That`s why this performances must be planned very carefully, because if you choose the wrong music or miss a transition, you`re going down for sure! So, that fact makes this kind of competitions so entertaining and incredibly challenging for the competitors.

If you don`t won`t to mess up with the music you have to act professionally and that means that you should know your horse`s average tempo at each gait. It`s important to choose a song which is in the appropriate speed for your horse. That means that you must know his natural tempo and the tempo is measured in beats per minute. Other important thing is to edit the music, because the horse doesn`t stay at the same gait.

But that`s not the point where everything ends. Don`t forget about the training! You might have a great results in finding a music that matches perfectly with your horse`s tempo, but training is important as well. As you know, horses don`t move at the same speed everytime. Sometimes they might be feeling more energetic or lazier, so, you must manage to control and regulate their tempo. That is essential element for performing perfect dressage freestyle.

So, next when you watch dressage freestyle tests, remember how much hard work and planning went through each and every performance. They are work of art when done well!

Dressage Freestyle Tests Can Be Works Of Art