Donald Whitaker

Click here to see the full Whitaker family tree whitaker family equestrianJohn & Michael Whitaker, both uncles to Donald Whitaker

Donald Whitaker

Coriano Z

Watch video of Coriano Z (Zangersheide Stallion) International showjumper Coriano Z, by Corrado I out of a Lord mare…
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    Miniature Horses

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    Pet horse becomes racing champion

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Donald Little

Donald Little was an American equestrian, born in Pittsburgh, who attended Pennsylvania university before joining the US Air Force as a pilot. After his life in the air force Donald Little was an investment manager at UBS

Donald Little was the founder of Centennial Farms, in 1993 Centennial Farms won the 1993 Belmont Stakes (gr. I) with Colonial Affair and the inaugural Breeders` Cup Mile in 2007 with Corinthian.

Donald Little was also a passionate polo lover and was the captain of Myopia Hunt Club Polo for 18 years

Donald Little suffered an injury when horse fell on him when giving a Masters Classic in the International Arena at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, in February 2012, the fall resulted in the untimely death 3 days later.

Donald Little
How To Groom A Horse

How To Groom A Horse

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Donald Little

Fly Repellent For Horses
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Lynn Donaldson

Lynn Donaldson - UK - Horse Vaulting

Claire Mcdonald

Claire Mcdonald - Australia Claire

Colonel Donald Thackeray

Colonel Donald Thackeray - USA

Donald McCain

Donald McCain - Donald McCain

Anni Macdonald - Hall

Anni Macdonald - Hall - UK
Anni Macdonald - Hall
Anni Macdonald - Hall

Erin Macdonald

Erin Macdonald - Canada

Grant Mcdonald

Grant Mcdonald - UKGrant Mcdonald

Sarah Mcdonald

Sarah Mcdonald - New Zealand - Eventing Sarah

Jordan Mcdonald

Jordan Mcdonald - CanadaJordan Mcdonald

Kirsty Mcdonald

Kirsty Mcdonald - UK

Leslie Mcdonald

Leslie Mcdonald - USA

Linda Mcdonald

Linda Mcdonald - Australia

Louise Macdonald

Louise Macdonald - UK

Marcaddes McDonald

Marcaddes McDonald -

Mercaddes McDonald

Mercaddes McDonald - UK

Michelle Donaldson

Michelle Donaldson - New Zealand - Eventing Michelle

Shelley Mcdonald

Shelley Mcdonald - New Zealand

Sophie Mac Donald

Sophie Mac Donald - Costa Rica
Sophie Mac Donald
Sophie Mac Donald

Sophie Mc Donald

Sophie Mc Donald - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider Sophie

Sandra Mcdonald

Sandra Mcdonald - Canada - Eventing Sandra

Madeleine Mcdonald

Madeleine Mcdonald - Australia - Showjumping


Donald Whitaker & Di Caprio jumped an amazing double clear in his first 5 nations cup today. An amazing piece of riding 💪🥂🥂 DI CAPRIO

Robert Donaldson

Robert Donaldson - UK - Showjumping Rider Robert

Megan Mcdonald

Megan Mcdonald - Australia - Eventing Megan

Maree Mcdonald

Maree Mcdonald - New Zealand - Eventing Maree

Simone Mcdonald

Simone Mcdonald - Australia - Eventing Simone

Mary Claire Mcdonald

Mary Claire Mcdonald - USA - Showjumping Rider Mary

Tera Macdonald

Tera Macdonald - USA - Eventing Tera Macdonald