Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is a businesswoman on the BBC show Dragons` Den. She began riding horses when she was six years old and her mother took her to Minehead where there were ponies on the beach. She was later allowed to ride them and became `besotted`.

Deborah was later given a Welsh mountain cob when she was 16 which was bought for £60. She says he was very `bolshy but full of character` and liked to bolt through low-hanging branches.

The businesswoman advises people who are considering taking up horse riding to first of all ensure that they have good balance and secondly be comfortable around horses.

She says that horses played a large part in her development when she was younger as she had to pay for all the costs herself. She now describes herself as a `casual rider`. `I have had my best and most magical times on horseback,` she adds.

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Deborah Meaden Horses

Deborah Meaden

Deborah Berglund

Deborah Berglund - South Africa

Deborah Bottreau

Deborah Bottreau - Malaysia

Deborah Rosen

Deborah Rosen - USA
Deborah Rosen

Deborah Couet

Deborah Couet - France

Deborah Courtney

Deborah Courtney - Australia

Deborah Vulas

Deborah Vulas - France
Deborah Vulas

Deborah Daniel

Deborah Daniel - UK Para-Equestrian - Driving :- Deborah Daniel Horse Rider Profile.
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Deborah Daniel

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Grooming as Physiotherapy
Some years ago, I heard about a programme in USA where women who had had surgery for breast cancer were offered sessions with horses. One of the most beneficial activities was grooming. These women were often anxious about using their arms for fear of re-opening the wounds. As they got into the rhythmical swing of grooming, they forgot about their fears and soon found themselves stretching and using their arms more fully.

I have found the same benefits as I recover from my hip surgery. Before surgery I could not bend easily as my hips were too stiff and painful and so I was cautious about doing this afterwards. For the first few weeks it was not advised anyway but by the time I was able to drive again and visit Chelsea, it was safe for me to bend more and she became the measure of my increased flexibility. Gradually, I could reach under her tummy, then to her knees and finally all the way down to her hooves. Even though I have groomed horses for many years, I still found myself engrossed in the task and reaching further without any conscious thought.

I can certainly understand how this worked so well for the women recovering from breast cancer. Not only is there the steady rhythm of grooming but also the warmth of the horse, the feel of the coat and skin and the pleasing curves of the body. Horses inspire you to do a good job and stretch yourself a little more each time.

I have also been very aware that Chelsea is very careful around me. She knows I am not quite myself yet and is taking good care of me which is another good reason for wanting to look after her as well as I can. Its fascinating being on the receiving end of her therapy having watched her deliver it to others and it definitely works!

Deborah Dean-Smith

Deborah Dean-Smith - USA

Deborah Duricka

Deborah Duricka - USA

Deborah Dussy

Deborah Dussy - Switzerland

Deborah Fielding

Deborah Fielding - UK

Deborah Guilmain

Deborah Guilmain - France

Deborah Hutan

Deborah Hutan - France

Deborah Jean

Deborah Jean - France

Deborah Judith Lush

Deborah Judith Lush - UK

Deborah Kortmann

Deborah Kortmann - Germany

Deborah Lezzi

Deborah Lezzi - USA

Deborah Mantzer

Deborah Mantzer - France

Deborah Paget

Deborah Paget - UK

Deborah Parry

Deborah Parry - New Zealand

Deborah Passalacqua-Sotomayor

Deborah Passalacqua-Sotomayor - Puerto Rico

Deborah Ribera Farouault

Deborah Ribera Farouault - France

Deborah Connor

Deborah Connor - USA

Deborah Reich

Deborah Reich - USA

Deborah Schaap

Deborah Schaap - Germany

Deborah Sterling

Deborah Sterling - USA

Deborah Tsang

Deborah Tsang - USA

Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts - USA

Deborah Zahid

Deborah Zahid - France
Deborah Zahid

Deborah Swan

Deborah Swan - UK

Terry-Deborah Bovã‰

Terry-Deborah Bov㉠- Luxembourg

Deborah Walravens

Deborah Walravens - Belgium
Deborah Walravens

Deborah Lefebvre

Deborah Lefebvre - France
Deborah Lefebvre

Deborah Chanclud

Deborah Chanclud is a showjumping rider from France who has competed a number of horses internationally, Vipper De Barbouti, Lifting MInotiere (hn), Razzia Des Sables and Nandy Du Donjon. Below you can watch Razzia Des Sables and Deborah Chanclud in action.

Deborah Chanclud - Razzia Des Sables

Deborah Busta

Deborah Busta - USA

Brilliant Intuiten
Glitter Please x Kaleighs Tuition
98` Buckskin registered TB Colt. "Brillo" is big, solid registered Jockey Club thoroughbred stallion with an incredible future. "Brillo" is one to keep your eye on for your Sport Horse Mare in the future.

email for more info frazeri@erols.com

Deborah Strand

Deborah Strand - Canada

Welsh (Section B) - Champion *Kenwood`s Royal Charter

Import from the Netherlands. Royal Charter is a beautiful example of a Section B Welsh pony stallion! Already a Champion in the ring! Evans are known for there lovely bred Welsh ponies. This stallion is just one of the many they have standing. Fresh cooled semen available

email for more info krawls9363@aol.com

Rory O`Sullivan
Registered Purebred Connemara Stallion
Born: June 1st 1998

Rory was inspected by the American Sport Pony Association in Maple Ridge in the spring of 2003. They selected Rory as their champion stallion and sports pony of the group. One of their comments was, "Rory typifies what we are looking for as an all around sports pony". They also commented that he was "one of the nicest Connemaras that we have inspected."

email for more info Mel@MandMConnemaras.com

Deborah Elda Dollberg

Deborah Elda Dollberg - Argentina

HT Karachi

2001 Grey Stallion

Straight Egyptian

Karachi is a Straight Egyptian Stallion (Shaikh Al Kuran X Karimda USA Imports) On his full pedigree he has a total of Seven Crosses to Nazeer and also includes PVA Kariim, Shaikh Al Badi and Morafic.

He will start his Stud Career in 2003 but he is not available for outside breedings until 2004 season, when we will be offering him for natural breedings and an option for AI.

He has already taken a considerable amount of pre bookings and has a steady stream of admirers who are lining up their finest mares for him.

His show wins in his first year shows were an overwhelming success.

Karachi started his showing career by winning his classes in his first county shows, then he set his eyes on greater wins. His next few, shows he also took the championship also. "We were so happy for him". We feel that he was now learning how to `fire on all cylinders` again, Karachi set his eyes on the big trophy, and took the Supreme Championship!

There was no doubt that, this young colt is a very important straight Egyptian.

The great names that are all a part of Karachi already immortalised within his pedigree, should be very proud of this young man. We think that history is about to repeat it`s self.

Karachi has a mischievous manor and thinks up new games to play, everyday! He plays with our two Border collie dogs, when he is in the sand paddock. A game that he has invented is to run around with a five-gallon bucket on his head!

We still haven`t found out how he manages to see where he is going. Some local children have given him the dubious title of `Archie Bucket head`? He loves to entertain the children with this game. The more they laugh the more he plays.

Looking at Karachi, it is clear that he has a beautiful sculptured and finely chiselled head, to add to his stunningly handsome looks. He stands at 15.1 hands, but with his long neck he gives the impression of being much taller. We are sure that he knows just how important he is. When he was away from home, on show livery, he was described as, `The Chairman of the board` because he would always make sure that he let all the other horses that he was `In Town` and want to be in charge of everything. Having said that about him, we have always found him to have impeccable manners, which we always insist our horses have.

Shaikh Al Kuran (Shaikh Al Badi x Karimda) has been the leading sire in the UK for the years 2000, 2001 and 2002. His get, are very desirable and have been exported to all parts of the World. We have no doubt that Karachi, will soon follow in the footsteps of all his great and magnificent ancestors, sending his foals out in to the World to win the great acclaims that they will deserve.

Enquiries are always welcome. He will be a Stallion to compliment many breeding programs and produce some very exquisite and desirable foals.

Deborah Iezzi

Deborah Iezzi - USA
Deborah Iezzi

Deborah Criddle

Deborah Criddle - UK
Deborah Criddle

Deborah Doyle

Deborah Doyle - UK
Deborah Doyle

Deborah Hausman

Deborah Hausman - USA Deborah Hausman

Deborah Poirree

Deborah Poirree - France
Deborah Poirree

Deborah Schofield

Deborah Schofield is a dressage rider from Australia :- Video Venus and Deborah Schofield, Elementary - 2009 Australian National Dressage Champs


Venus and Deborah Schofield, Elementary - 2009 Australian National Dressage Champs

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Deborah Schofield
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Deborah Cole

Deborah Cole - Australia
Deborah Cole

Deborah Whorf

Deborah Whorf - USA
Deborah Whorf

Deborah Knopfler

Deborah Knopfler - USA
Deborah Knopfler

Deborah Van Roy

Deborah Van Roy - Belgium
Deborah Van Roy

Deborah Lazzarotto

Deborah Lazzarotto - Switzerland
Deborah Lazzarotto