Cassini I

Cumano Z

Olympic jumping stallion Cumano Z was competed by Jos Lansink with lots of success, representing Belgium at the 2014 Athens Olympics. Other successes of Cumano and Jos Lansink includes winning the Spruce Meadows grand prix, 3rd place at the Stuttgart grand prix and victory at the world championships in 2005.

Cumano had a proven juping pedigree sired by Cassini I out of Landgraf I mare Chanel II. Below you can watch Cumano and Jos Lansink in action at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Cumano - Showjumper
Cumano Z - Stallion
Cumano Z - Showjumping Stallion
Cumano Z - Showjumping Stallion

Cumano Z

Watch Jos Lansink Riding Cumano Z

Watch Jos Lansink Riding Cumano Z


Cumano Z x -, -

Ana Catarina Rebelo

Ana Catarina Rebelo - Portugal
Lovestory is by Hanoverian of the Year 2006 Longchamp ( Lauries Crusador xx) and she shares the same mother as Lincoln and Superstition: imported German Oldenburg dam Florence ( Fernando, Farnese, Ladykiller xx)

This young lady shows excellent character, patience, and her siblings. She is naturally uphill in structure and movement, elastic rhythm in one gorgeous elegant package!

Started under saddle with further training available...but don`t miss this opportunity to jump-start yourself to the FEI ring. Lovestory is top class material!

Adelle Nuth

Adelle Nuth - UK - please help us grow the stableexpress horse rider database, please email us additional info to

Speaking of talent: When you work with the nature of the individual, not against him, you`ll be further ahead. At Warmblood Sales it`s common to free-jump or `chute jump` prospects. I set up their future for success by developing their confidence and also respect through groundwork. When it comes to sale day they know what to do, and love to do it. If a "dressage horse" shows aptitude for jumping, I use it occassionally to keep them intrigued at home. Properly prepared, its a pleasure to see them do what nature gave them.

Abdulrahman Al Fuzae

Abdulrahman Al Fuzae - Kuwait - Showjumping Rider

We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.

- Boarding heated barn and arena
Sales and sale preparation

- Natural Barefoot Hoofcare
Starting Young Horses

- Remedial work
Clinics, show experience

- Dressage lessons, basic jumping
Train the Trainer programs

Adelamaria Gonzalez Vargas

Adelamaria Gonzalez Vargas - Guam

All breeds benefit from correct dressage schooling: this youngster was started at 3yo, and worked only 4x per week. At 5 mos he went to his first competition in Hunter classes, and after that I introduced the western equipment. He bloomed into a fully calm, confident, light, easy ride! Not only the judge was impressed, but so was I- only 4x/wk, gentle but consistent work produces results like this, and allows the horse`s talents to surface.

Lu Chih Yao

Lu Chih Yao - Chinese Taipei

Serving from Camrose to Edmonton, Alberta, and connecting great horses and people across Canada and USA.

I specialize in groundwork, starting young horses, and competing in dressage. My program brings out the best in horses of all sizes and breeds: and their basic training is always based on Dressage and Horsemanship.The motto goes: When you take the time it takes, it takes less time.

My recent graduates went to Warmblood sales in 2008, several were happy private sales, and a few that owners just had to keep for themselves. They usually go on (or home) to amateur riders and make the transition willingly.

Why not discover the talent your horse can offer when confident, balanced, and working for, not against you! The right start can last a lifetime.

Barreiro Isabella

Barreiro Isabella - Ecuador - Showjumping Rider