Cremello Horse

Goldmaker - 1999 Cremello Thoroughbred
Goldmaker is a 1999 Cremello Thoroughbred and currently the ONLY Cremello Thoroughbred in the world to have successfully completed a stallion performance test and be fully licensed by a European Warmblood Registry. Foals by him will be Buckskin, Palomino or Smokey Black.
Goldmaker - Cremello Stallion
Goldmaker is sired by the stallion Glitter Please out of the mare Desire for Gold who is a daughter of Milkie. Below you can watch a video of Goldmaker showcasing himself as a stallion, he stands at Avalon Equine $1500 Breeding Fee - $350 Booking Fee Incl., Live Foal Guarantee.
Goldmaker - Cremello Stallion
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