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Comanche (Famous War Horse)

Comanche was born in 1868, purchased by the United States army, Comanche is a Mustang/Morgan cross, standing at 15hh Comanche was ridden by Captain Keogh and featured on the Western frontier. Comanche took part in numerous battles and actually suffered numerous injuries including being struck by an arrow in his hindquarters in his first battle.

Comanche was famed for being the only survivor from the battle of little bighorn and was found standing over the dead body of Captain Keogh. During the battle of little bighorn he was badly wounded being shot several times. Commanche passed away in 1891 at the age of 29, he was taxidermied and put on display at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, where he remains today.

Comanche was the first of only three horses ever to be given a United States Armed Forces military funeral with full honors.

Italian Heavy Draft Horse

Comanche (Famous War Horse)