Classic Budweiser Clydesdale Christmas Advert From 1987

Irish Draught FoalsIrish Draught Foals The Budweiser Clydesdales have been a popular sight for millions of horse loving beer drinkers for decades, over the years they have featured in lots of different advertisements, including festive adverts for the holiday season, below you can watch a classic christmas advert from 1987 staring these stunning gentle giants.

Classic Budweiser Clydesdale Christmas Advert From 1987

Classic Budweiser Clydesdale Christmas Advert From 1987
Below you can watch a video from 2020, promoting the re-opening of the bars during the covid pandemic. ReunitedWithBuds1.jpg

Jochen Munsterhuis

Jochen Munsterhuis & Munsterhuis Sportcars Peanuts (Quidam de Revel) - CSI Neustadt-Dosse Neustadt - Preis der Deutschen Kreditbank - Int. Springprüfung mit 2 Umläufen (1.45 m) / Jochen Munsterhuis - Holland - Showjumping Rider |…
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  • Quick Star

    Quick Star

    Stallion competed by Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, sire of Nick Skelton`s Olympic gold medal winner Big Star / Watch video of Quick Star in action
  • Donkey Leads Flock of Sheep

    Donkey Leads Flock of Sheep

    Donkey`s are commonly used as guard animals for herds and flocks, below you can watch a donkey leading a flock of sheep in Nevada
  • Graham Fletcher

    Graham Fletcher

    Graham Fletcher - Double Brandy - Puissance HOYS 1977 - International showjumping rider Graham Fletcher

Aslan Zhirikov

Aslan Zhirikov - Russia

2. Can you move a mare and foal?

Yes, our horsebox has a flexible mounted partition that can be taken out so a mare and foal can travel together. The horsebox is padded on all sides and lined with rubber ensuring horses travel in safety.

Patrick Lombard

Patrick Lombard - France - Horse Rider
Patrick Lombard

Amber Wilson Czisny

Amber Wilson Czisny - USA - Horse Cutting

Amber Wilson Czisny, the wife of Marietta, Okla., cutting horse trainer
 Amber Wilson Czisny and Peppyschino Jerry 

Zatopek B - Event Horse

Zatopek B - Event Horse

Whitney Weeks

Whitney Weeks - USA - Showjumping Rider

Roberto Manzoni

Roberto Manzoni - Italy - Horse Rider Roberto

Weronika Soltysiak

Weronika Soltysiak - Poland - Showjumping RiderWeronika Soltysiak Weronika Soltysiak Horses - Lascara, Santos
Weronika Soltysiak Competition Results
08 - Moorsele, 6/7 Years Mixed comp. - 11/06/2006 - Santos
06 - Moorsele, 1.30 Mixed comp. - 10/06/2006 - Lascara