Cavalia: a Dazzling Display of Horse Power and Beauty

One of the most beautiful things you will ever witness, a stunning display of the strength and beauty of the horses shown at Cavalia equestrian display. An incredible production that is impressive for all horse lover to enjoy.


Dogs and Horses

Dogs are mans best friends but they also love horses aswell, have a look at some of these lovely horse and dogs combinations…
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  • Steven Whitaker

    Steven Whitaker

    Watch Steven Whitaker & Thalita at Hickstead :- Steven Whitaker father of Joe, Tom, Donald and Ellen Whitaker
  • Horse Vaccinations

    Horse Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your horse healthy. Just like humans and dogs, horses need vaccinations to help reduce the incidence of diseases too.
  • A Horse Is The Best Gift Ever

    A Horse Is The Best Gift Ever

    A lucky teenager got surprised with a brand new horse, during a photo shoot with Impulse Photography. The lucky girl named Hannah was preparing for college