Meet The Cinderella Disney Pony

Disney world have recently announced a new equestrian member to the team the gorgeous white Shetland pony named, Lilly, and she has already captured the hearts of visitors, named after Walt Disney`s wife, Lilly was born at the parks Tri-Circle-D Ranch and is the daughter of Lady and Ferdinand the two ponies who pull Cinderella`s pumpkin carriage during the famous Disney parades.
Cinderla Pony
Tri Circle D Ranch is the home of all the Disney horses with over 90 horses of a wide variety of different horse breeds, as well as Shetland horses Tri Circle D is also home to Arab horses, Appaloosas, Clydesdale horses, paint horses, quarter horses and Percherons. These horses are cared for by over 35 members of staff, ensuring they are kept happy and healthy with the highest standards.

As well as the Disney parades these horses are seen by visitors in the park and some are offered for pony rides and trail rides, Lilly is available for viewing in the showing pasture, until she is ready for training which will begin in a couple of years of time. Take A Tour Of The New Tri-Circle-D Ranch, Home to Heritage and Happy Horses
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