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Buckskin Horses

Buckskin horses have a beautiful colouring, browse through some lovely examples of Buckskin horses from around the equestrian world. If you have a Buckskin horse and would like to be featured please email us at Buckskinhorses@stableexpress.com.
Dappled Sooty Buckskin Stallion Dappled Sooty Buckskin Stallion

Buckskin filly by Irish Pay - Buckskin filly by Irish Pay Buckskin filly by Irish Pay
Email : emhollmann@gwtc.net

Buckskin Draft Horse Buckskin Draft Horses

Buckskin Heaven Buckskin Heaven

ContentAdvert Buckskin Filly Foal (Sire Langtree Silk Road - Dam Langtree Diadem) Buckskin Foal

Emperatriz - buckskin/ bayo mare in utero foal of Ara Icaro sold to USA 2016 Emperatriz - Buckskin Mare


Buckskin Draft Horse Buckskin Draft Horses

Legrande - Buckskin Oldenburg Stallion, Approved Breeders Elite and AES Legrande - Buckskin Stallions

Legrande - Buckskin Oldenburg Eventing Stallion

Legrande - Buckskin Oldenburg Stallion, Approved Breeders Elite and AES


Buckskin Horses

Silver Dapple Sooty Buckskin
Buckskin Horses

C3 Show Horses - C3 Show Horses, Located in Santa Clarita, CA. Stallions at Stud, Horses for Lease, Equines for Photo Shoots and Appearances Home to USEF Champion Horses :- Email | info@c3showhorses.com Buckskin Horses

C3 Show Horses

C3 Show Horses - Buckskin Horses

Buckskin Horses

Newlin Quarter Horses

Newlin Quarter Horses, owned by Joe and Tammy Newlin of Silver Lake Indiana.

We raise high quality longe line and western pleasure prospects out of producing/point earning mares, and by leading pleasure stallions.

Our goals are to produce western pleasure and longe line futurity winners, that have the qualities needed to be competitive at all levels. We also strive to reach new customers and retain satisfied customers by providing them with the highest quality pleasure prospects, possessing good minds, phenomenal movement, and physical beauty.

We specialize in buckskin, dun, and grulla color phases of quarter horse with an emphasis on performance. Our horses are bred to be in the show ring, as well as being a thing of beauty. Our horses are winning in the show ring.

We are located two hours from Indianapolis, and three hours from Chicago and Cincinnati just off US Highway 24.

Dun Factor

The "dun" gene is associated with "dun factor" (primitive) markings (sometimes also called zebra markings), which consist primarily of a stripe down the top of the back (also called dorsal stripe, spinal stripe, list, eelDun Markings stripe, line back). The next most noticeable feature is striping on the legs (also called leg barring, leg bars, tiger, or zebra stripes). Some dun horses also exhibit a shoulder stripe or shadow (transverse stripe, cross, withers stripe), ear tips, face mask, cob-webbing on face, mane / tail frosting, and mottling (small, somewhat circular and darker splotches of hair that appear mainly on the forearms, gaskins, shoulders, and lower hindquarters, which seems like the reverse of dappling).

Unlike the Cremello dilution, there is no double diluting effect if a horse carries two copies (double dose, homozygous) of the "D" gene, so you won`t get a cremello from "D" gene breeding. People often add other adjectives to describe the different shade of dun, such as buttermilk, silver, lobo, apricot, lilac, etc., which can sometimes cause confusion in people`s minds. Just remember there are three basic classes as described above: Dun, Red dun, and blue dun (grulla). Dun can also interact with other genes. For example, you can have a dun paint, a red dun roan, or a grulla appaloosa, and it can interact with the other dilution genes, giving some unusual color combinations, such as the dunalino, also called a linebacked palomino, which is a combination of `dun` and `c cr` dilutions.

If a horse also carries one of the other dilution genes, leg barring can diluted or minimized so that you must look closely to see it.

Buckskin Horses

Theresa Pichler

Theresa Pichler - Austria - Showjumping

Theresa Pichler

Artur Alvarez Pou

Artur Alvarez Pou - Spain - Dressage Riders
Artur Alvarez Pou

Alexa Randall

Alexa Randall - New Zealand - Showjumping Riders

Claudine Laplume

Claudine Laplume - Luxembourg - Horse Driving
Claudine Laplume

Rebel Morrow

Rebel Morrow - Australia - Eventing Riders
Rebel Morrow

Natalie Davies

Natalie Davies - Australia - Eventing Horses
Natalie Davies

Anna Paula Nerung De Noronha

Anna Paula Nerung De Noronha - Brazil - Showjumping
Anna Paula Nerung De Noronha

Mikhail Shemshelev

Mikhail Shemshelev - Russia - Showjumping Horses
Mikhail Shemshelev

Stefan Csandl

Stefan Csandl - Austria

Ronja Bergmann

Ronja Bergmann - Germany - Showjumping

Vincent Mazoyer

Vincent Mazoyer - France - Showjumping

Nicolas Gonzalez

Nicolas Gonzalez - France - Endurance Horses

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - Ireland - Eventing
Online Dressage

Claudia Eder

Claudia Eder - Austria - Horse Vaulting