Are you Thriving or Barely Surviving?

Sandie-Robertson Our Guest Columnist & Equestrian Coach Sandie Robertson

`Dig deep`, `Keep going`, `Stick with it` are all sayings that have been drilled into us since childhood.

During an incredibly challenging time like this it takes a tough cookie not to fall face first into that downward spiral of familiar!

Familiar is great if it means `positive`, `curious`, `determined` and `smart`, but if it means `don`t try`, `stay stuck` and `you suck` then familiar needs to go!

You see in times like this survival mode kicks in and pretty much every word that you can think of that`s associated with surviving arouses some kind of fear within you. Which, as I am sure you are aware, is not the best place to cultivate a thriving mind, life, or business.

So instead of making reactive decisions driven by fear, try these 3 tips instead.

1- Ask yourself `Will I regret this decision?`

2- Easy doesn`t mean right. Just because you can see an easy way out doesn`t mean it`s the right road - there are others. Consider them.

3- Are you in the right headspace to make this decision? If not, then wait. If you don`t have the answer give it some space. Most of the time there isn`t the urgency we think there is.

4- Think of your end goal and work backwards. Ask yourself `Is this a step to get me there?`

Look out for my next feature on The Art of Building True Resilience, and take care. Call Sandie on 07715 629 572 or email sandie@sandierobertson.com. For more information visit www.sandierobertson.com.

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Are you Thriving or Barely Surviving?