Air Jordan Z

Air Jordan Z is a proven showjumping stallion, sired by Argentinus. With his rider Daniel Deusser, Air Jordan Z had a great deal of success winning classes on the global champions tour and the world cup circuit.

Below you can watch Air Jordan Z jumping with Dirk Deusser
Air Jordan Z - Stallion

Air Jordan Z & Dirk Deusser



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Aude Begaud

Aude Begaud is an Endurance rider from France, sent us any additional information you may have on Aude Begaud and her horses via email at info@stableexpress.com

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Dustin Craig

Dustin Craig - USA - Eventing Dustin Craig - Eventing

Alicia Daurella

Alicia Daurella - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Alicia Daurella Horses


Alicia Daurella Competition Results

10 - Madrid, NH Hoteles Trophy 1.45 Speed and handiness - 21/09/2001 - Jaranka
Alicia Daurella

Haydee Vohmann

Haydee Vohmann - New Zealand - Dressage Rider Haydee Vohmann

Sebastien Jorelle

Sebastien Jorelle - France - Endurance Rider Sebastien Jorelle

Borys Kramer

Borys Kramer - Poland - Showjumping Rider Borys Kramer

Kees Lips

Kees Lips - Holland - Showjumping Rider Kees Lips

Tuuli Leivo

Tuuli Leivo - Finland - Showjumping Rider
Tuuli Leivo