A Happy Horse Means a Happy Rider, Tips on Giving your Horse a Happy and Interesting Life

Horses are like humans they`re not always happy, some things make them sad or depressed and they like adventure and fun just as much as you do. If you just let your horse sit in a field doing nothing day after day they`re going to suffer both mentally and physically. Plus, when your horse is happy, you`re a happy rider, so it`s a win-win situation for both.

So, how can you make sure that your horse stays attentive, interested and happy? There are, in fact, many ways!

Let Them Hang With The Others

Horses like to be around other horses, they`re a pack animal. If possible, try and keep your horse with other horses as much as possible because they`re around their kind and no matter how much you love your horse, it`s no substitute for same-species friends.
Horses are social animals

If your horse has friends it will make them happier, just like you.

Adequate Food and Water

This sounds like a given, but horses feed needs change and if your horse is getting too much or too little food they`re going to be slugging, irritable and unhappy. It`s always good to do periodic checks to make sure they`re getting the right amount of food so they stay happy.

As far as water goes, if your horse doesn`t have access to fresh water in either the stall or in the field while eating grass, they`re going to suffer. Obviously physically, but they will be unhappy and often aggressive if they`re dehydrated. Plus, it can be dangerous.

Visual Stimulation

Just like you might be in a better mood out in the sunshine than a dark, damp barn, so will your horse. Let them play outside when possible, see other animals, etc. Being stuck inside is just as boring for them as it would be for you and visual stimulation will keep them much happier and more mentally sound.

Plenty of Exercise

Some horses like to play with balls

Horses need exercise to get out their pent up energy and it`s good for them to be forced to focus on something for a little while. Just like we might go a bit mushy if we sat on the sofa snacking all day without physical movement, your horse will also get sluggish and get in a bit of a grumpy mood if they can`t get moving and get a bit of exercise.

Keeping your horse happy and interested in life isn`t difficult, but you need to make sure you`re paying attention to any signs they may be giving you about what might need to change. Otherwise, as long as you keep your horse happy you`ll be one happy rider and it will be a perfect symbiotic relationship.
Keep your horse happy


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