A Game Of Cat and Horse

Cats and horses often share a stable yard and have lots of funny relationships, some of love and some of hate! Below you can watch a video of this cat trying to stay on-board his trusted stead, the horse looks like he is enjoying it as well as the cat is giving him a good scratch in the process.
A Game Of Cat and Horse
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Cats and Horses
Horse and Cats
Horse and Cats
Horse lovers often love all animals, horses cats and dogs, click here to see some gorgeous pictures of dogs and horses.dogs and horses
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Katherine Berning

HARTPURY FESTIVAL OF DRESSAGE: Katherine Berning and Brisbane

Emer Lennon

Emer Lennon - Ireland - Endurance Riding Emer Lennon

Daryke Cassar

Daryke Cassar - USA Daryke Cassar

Brigido Rivero

Brigido Rivero - Uruguay - Showjumping Brigido Rivero

Osvaldo Rocha

Osvaldo Rocha - Uruguay - Endurance Rider Osvaldo Rocha

Hazza Hamd Al Dhaheri

Hazza Hamd Al Dhaheri - UAE - Showjumping Hazza Hamd Al Dhaheri


Born in 2009 Dasino is by the stallion Casino out of the mare Superior Van De Kapel who is a daughter of Gladstone. Together with Lauren Hough Dasino competed in grand prix jumping classes with lots of success. Below you can watch the pair jumping at the international show that was help at the British show center Arena UK.

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson - UK - Eventing Craig Anderson