Dogs and Horses

Real friends! ❤️️

How these two animals trust and enjoy each other is just remarkable! ❣ They love to play together....
Dogs and Horses
Chances are if you love horses then you also love dogs, have a look at some of these dogs and horses who love each other. Browse through our horse and dog cute gallery. Dogs & Horses

Horse and Dogs

Best Dog Breeds for Horses
Dogs and Horses

Horse and Dogs

Appaloosa Horse and Dog

Horse and Puppy

Brother From Another Mother Brother From Another Mother

Sirus and Mercury


Stacey Babes

Stacey Babes is a British showjumping rider with an international competition record, watch Stacey Babes riding Upperfield CH | Stabeexpress showjumpers for sale…
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  • Shunting Horse Of The British Railways

    Shunting Horse Of The British Railways

    Shunting Horse Of The British Railways / Charlie. The last railway `shunting horse` lived at Newmarket station and pulled coaches into position.
  • Montana Mustangs

    Montana Mustangs

    💖 YES, we do still have wild untouched mustangs roaming on vast and wild ranges out west where eagles glade and sunsets set the skies ablaze as far as the eyes can see. 💖
  • St James

    St James

    Watch Nick Skelton and St James at Olympia 1984 World Cup Qualifier, watch video - Irish showjumping horse

Beryl Stroup

Beryl Stroup - France

Jans Manting

Jans Manting - Holland

Marguerite Bonnin

Marguerite Bonnin - France

Richard Pio Olivera

Richard Pio Olivera - Spain
Online Dressage

Francisca Lino Neto

Francisca Lino Neto - Portugal - Eventing Rider

Clementine Gombart

Clementine Gombart - France - Showjumping Rider

Korenbloem Charmeur

Westphalian horse Korenbloem Charmeur who competed in the dressage arena with Chris Von Martels.
Korenbloem Charmeur
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Thierry Thulliez

Thierry Thulliez - France - Jockey