Horseboxes For Sale

7.5 Tonne Horsebox For Sale

A 7.5 tonne horsebox is an ideal option for the hobby rider with a couple of horses, perfect for getting to shows, going hunting or taking your horses on fun rides. Stableexpress can help you find that perfect 7.5 T horsebox with lorries located at dealerships in a number of different regions contact us and see what seven and half horseboxes we have available, email us at or call 0800 0029120.

New Build 7.5 Tonne Horseboxes For Sale
Looking for a horsebox built to your custom specifications our horsebox manufacturer`s will take talk to you about the different options with you and construct a horse lorry within your budget and matched to your unique needs, we are happy to answer any question you may have and give you a no obligation free quote.

Second Hand 7.5 Tonne Horseboxes For Sale
We are always looking for high quality horseboxes that would suit our customers and with a dedicated team of horsebox builders we are able to ensure the box is in tip top condition before reselling them.

7.5 Tonne Horsebox For Sale

Things To Check When Buying A Horsebox

Choosing to buy a horsebox is an important decision and you need to make sure you`re looking at all the necessary things to ensure it`s the safest and best option out there. While a horsebox might not seem like a huge deal, one bad quality and you could be putting yourself and your horse in danger, making it all the more important to be extra meticulous about what you choose to buy. To help ensure you pick the best horsebox out there for you and your horse, here`s a list of all the things you should check before you hand over the credit card.
Horseboxes For Sale

If you`re getting a secondhand horsebox, there`s nothing wrong with that, it just means you need to check a few extra things. One of the most important things is the mileage. While a high mileage count isn`t necessarily a deal breaker, it does indicate that it`s been through it`s fair share of use and may take more money to upkeep or run into more problems down the road. You should always check this to make sure it`s at a number you`re happy with, regardless of what that might be.

The Price
 Horse Lorries
This seems obvious, but so many people go looking for horseboxes and looking for what they like first before looking at the price tag. This can be a bad way to approach it because you may fall in love with a horsebox that is way out of your budget. Instead, only look at ones that are within your budget and always make the price the first thing you look for.

There are lots of horsebox sizes out there and you need to check that it`s a size that will be comfortable for your horse and that you can easily maintain. This is another one of those crucial points that some people just kind of forget about then they get home only to discover the size isn`t quite ideal. Make sure you do your own measurements and go into the buying process with a very solid idea of what your needs are.

Insurance Costs
Depending on how big your horsebox is, whether it`s new or second hand, you`ll need to make sure you know how much this horsebox will cost you in insurance. If the horsebox is secondhand and quite cheap, you may find that the insurance coverage will be higher because it may require more upkeep. It`s a good idea to keep this in mind, as the cost of the horsebox isn`t the only thing you`ll need to pay for.

Buying a horsebox doesn`t need to be a stressful process as long as you go into the buying process with a good idea of what your specific requirements are. If you check these few things, you`ll be on your way to choosing the best possible option.

Licensing issues
One more thing to consider when buying a horsebox is your driving license, in the UK you can drive anything 3.5 tonne and under whereas anything heavier needs a different license, make sure your license allows you to drive the box you are looking to buy, rulesan regulations can vary when crossing borders so make sure you do your homework if travelling abroad with your horse.