Zandri Rademan

Zandri Rademan - South Africa - Endurance Rider
Zandri Rademan

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Zandri Rademan

Team 1 Habighorst Bordenau

Team 1 Habighorst Bordenau - German Horse Vaulting Team - Stableexpress Horse Vaulting Website, Watch Team 1 Habighorst Bordenau in action in this fantastic horse display competition.…
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    Andalusian Stallions

    DANCING WITH SPANISH STALLIONS; Brambilla Bachmann, liberty work / Andalusian Stallions at Stud / Browse through breeders of Andalusian horses.
  • Matteo Zampagli

    Matteo Zampagli

    Matteo Zampagli - Italy - Endurance Riders | International endurance riding, competition news and results | Italian horse rider Matteo Zampagli
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    Baby Wild Horse Gets Second Chance At Life

    Baby Wild Horse Comes WAY Out Of Her Shell, meet Mila, the baby filly who was separated from her herd and nearly died. Watch video of her touching story.

Lars Zander

Lars Zander - Germany - Showjumping Rider Lars Zander

Anne Zander

Anne Zander - CanadaAnne Zander

Jose Frade

Jose Frade - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Pia Paradeiser

Pia Paradeiser - Austria - Showjumping Rider Pia

Radek Nesvacil

Radek Nesvacil - Czech - Horse Drivin Radek Nesvacil

Pawel Radek

Pawel Radek - Poland
Pawel Radek
Pawel Radek

Steffi Schrader

Steffi Schrader - GermanySteffi Schrader

Pasquale Pace

Pasquale Pace - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Zandra Pihl

Zandra Pihl - Denmark - Showjumping Rider Zandra Pihl

Myriam Largeteau

French showjumping rider Myriam Largeteau, if you can help us expand this article please email us at Below you can watch Myriam Largeteau in action riding Indalo Van`t Paradehof - Rmy Deuquet 1.35m.

Myriam Largeteau - Indalo Van`t Paradehof - Remy Deuquet 1.35m

Myriam Largeteau

Spotswood Jafeica

- x -, Chaps - Spotswood Jafeica

Rafael Vilela De Andrade

Rafael Vilela De Andrade - Brazil - Eventing Rider

Antje Deparade

Antje Deparade - Germany - Eventing Antje

Alejandra Andrade

Alejandra Andrade - Ecuador - Showjumping Rider

Suzanne E. Dunkley Zandvoort

Suzanne E. Dunkley Zandvoort

Suzie Dunkley represented Bermuda at both the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, and also participated at the World Championships at Den Haag and Rome. Susy Dunkley was trained on a daily basis for two years, by Johan Hinneman in Germany, before she stabled her horses with Anky van Grunsven and Sjef Janssen where she continued her daily training for 11 years.

Robert Zandvoort, her husband, has over thirty-five years of experience in the horse industry; selling horses such as Aktion (Gyula Dallos); Pascal (Dr. Reiner Klimke);Dukaat (Hans Staub); Rigoletto (Mauro Roman); and many others. He is also a trainer and clinician of many Prix St. George and Grand Prix riders.

Darius Zand

Darius Zand - Germany - Showjumping Rider Darius Zand

Valmir Pereira De Andrade Filho

Valmir Pereira De Andrade Filho - Brazil - Endurance Rider

Serge Terrade

Serge Terrade - France - Endurance Rider