Z5 is by the stallion Quinar Z (Quidam De Revel), we need you help to grow our database, if you can help us expand the pedigree details of Z5 please email us at info@Stableexpress.com.

We Carefully Hand Breed Every Mare.

If you are not a professional breeder (as most people are not) and you`re not sure when to expect your mare to come into heat, Simply drop her off, and we will set her out with other mares in a private field of fresh grass and electric fences.We will take good care of her for as long as it takes. All at No Charge!!! Each day, we will bring her to the Stallion fully protected behind a special "Teasing Wall". We will give her several minutes to warm up, and carefully watch her for signs of "Heat" When she shows her first signs, we will take her to the breeding area, where she will be carefully secured, and her tail wrapped before introducing the stallion. Assuming she is totally receptive, the stallion will be allowed to mount. The stallion handler will never release the stallion throughout the breeding process. After the breeding is complete (30 or 40 seconds) the stallion is taken back to his stall, and the mare is released back with the mare herd. We will breed her in this manner every other day for as long as she is willing. When she no longer shows signs of heat, we will call you to pick her up. We will of course document every teasing and breeding for our records, and give you a copy along with your breeders certificate. If you would like your mare grained while she`s here, just bring a bag along, and we`ll make sure she gets it. And it`s worth saying that we will be as gentle and caring with your mare as we are with our own.

My Farrier (Mike Robison) recently told me what he liked best about Storm was that he`s not just a "Stalled Stallion" but that you can actually do something with him. In fact we do a great deal with Storm. One of the kids favorites is how he pulls their sleds around the yard when the snow flies. But don`t take my word for it, Come by and see him for yourself. Ride him if you like. you won`t need any special skills, he`s just a big puppy dog when you drop a western saddle on him.

We are doing everything we can to make this a positive experience. You will find a wealth of information in the links on your left. Including Bloodlines, Booking Information and even a Video, Just click here to download and watch it. . Once you`ve decided to be a part of out 2004 breeding season, simply go to the link on the left marked "Book Storm for the 2004 Breeding Season" and fill out your information. Then submit your 50 dollar booking fee conveniently by using Paypal, check or money order.

We can be reached at 816 779 0009
Ask for me Rusty Strauss
Or you can E-mail us at Cirqmaster@aol.com
We thank you for looking at Storm, and we hope to hear from you soon.
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