Yurij Krasun

Yurij Krasun - Ukraine - Eventing / With an international competition record Yurij Krasun has competed Drive Cruising (sired by Cruising out of the mare Artik Anna) together the pair had lots of success by nationally and internationally.

Yurij Krasun

Yury Bekanov

Yury Bekanov - Russia

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Yuri Aleksiev

Yuri Aleksiev - Bulgaria

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Natalya Yurkevich

Natalya Yurkevich - Kazakhstan - Dressage RiderNatalya Yurkevich

Yurika Tachibana

Yurika Tachibana - Japan

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Yuriy Dulya

Yuriy Dulya - Ukraine - Eventing

Yurij Markelov

Yurij Markelov - Ukraine - EventingYurij Markelov

Yuri Mansur Guerios

Yuri Mansur Guerios - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Yuri Mansur Guerios

Yuri Bayramukov

Yuri Bayramukov - Russia - Showjumping Rider
Yuri Bayramukov

26th September - We took two of our mares, Engel vom Birkenhof and Lupina vom Kreidefel to the UK KNN gradng in Devon as well as Angels foal Roulette. Angel (Engel) won `Best Mare` and was awarded a premium with an overall score of 8 as was her colt, Roux. Lupi wasn`t quite sure what canter was all about on the day although showed off what a fantastic trot she has and finished with an overall score of 7. They were all very well behaved and the whole day was brilliantly run. PIcs below; L to R; Lupina; Angel and Roulette; Angel in the trot up.

22nd September - Bad luck (or whatever it is) falls on us again as we lose another horse. Our 4 yr old TB mare by Kayf Tara suffers a massive brain haemorrhage and we lose her, completely out of the blue. She was a home bred, the first out of a successful NH mare that we had for many years and had been perfectly healthy up until the point she just dropped dead. A devastating blow to us yet again.

Both Amy and Spider (Amaretto & Hot Spice) have been weaned and gone off to their new homes. Both have settled in very well and we have had good reports from their new owners.

Colette sent us this lovely picture of Spider.

Yuriy Kovshov

Yuriy Kovshov - Ukraine - Dressage Rider

Yuri Conde Fagundes Soares Garcia

Yuri Conde Fagundes Soares Garcia - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Yuri Conde Fagundes Soares Garcia

Yury Fainshtein

Yury Fainshtein - Moldova - Dressage Rider

Yuriy Klokov

Yuriy Klokov - Kazakhstan - Showjumping Riders

Yury Nechepurenko

Yury Nechepurenko - Russia - Eventing

Yuri Kovshov

Yuri Kovshov - Russia - Dressage Rider

Yuri Shumskiy

Yuri Shumskiy - Russia - Eventing Yuri Shumskiy