Ysbrand Chardon

Watch video of Ysbrand Chardon and Jan Kuipers in action with an impressive display of horse driving with 30 horses. Ysbrand Chardon is a leading international rider with an impressive competition record representing Holland at many major championships and competition titles.

Ysbrand Chardon
Ysbrand Chardon - Driving from the World Equestrian Games 1990 (Stockholm)
Ysbrand Chardon wins the first round of the FEI World Cup Driving 2011 in Hannover

Ysbrand Chardon Horse Driving HorseDriving.com
Every horse has potential to be driven. We use proven methods similar to Benno Auchenbach, Heike Bean and others, employing patience and plenty of ground work. Ground manners are like gold for a driving horse. We obtain respect from our clients horses with patience, repetition, and kindness. Please call us to discuss your needs.

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Ysbrand Chardon

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