Bjorn Nagel

Wiggy Channer

Wiggy Channer married Andrew Nicholson in 2014 after living together for many years, together the pair have two children Lily and Zach, the coupe live in Wiltshire near Marlborough.

Watch husband Andrew Nicholon winning Badminton horse trials riding Nereo

Wiggy Channer
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Wiggy Channer

Alessandro Siri

Alessandro Siri - Italy

Angela Gottler

Angela Gottler - USA

Anna Espelund

Anna Espelund - Sweden

Audrey Delaviere

Audrey Delaviere - France

Marlen Vassil

Marlen Vassil is a dressage rider from Estonia, horses competed by Marlen Vassil include El Capone, Flying Change & Freestyle.

Gilad Susman

Gilad Susman - Israil - Reining Gilad

Rebecka Eriksson

Rebecka Eriksson is a dressage rider from Finland | Dressage Horses For Sale UK

Silvia Roschmann-Schwarz

Silvia Roschmann-Schwarz - Germany
Online Dressage

Stephanie Abbott

Stephanie Abbott - Ireland
Horse Themed Earings

Sune Fourie

Sune Fourie - Namibia

Aude Anjuere

Aude Anjuere is a French horse rider, we have limited information on Aude Anjuere and the horses they compete, please help us expand our rider profile please email us at

Horse Marketing
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Nicole Rubinstein

Nicole Rubinstein - Costa Rica - Showjumping | Showjumping Youngstock For Sale

Tomas De Moraes Dantas

Tomas de Moraes Dantas & Washington S - Brazil | Showjumping

Rachele Tangiani

Rachele Tangiani - Italy - Showjumping | Jumping Horse For Sale

Lars Birkedal

Lars Birkedal - Norway - Showjumping Lars

Josefine Thamm

Josefine Thamm - Germany - EventingJosefine

Peter Wernke

Peter Wernke is a showjumping rider from GermanyPeter Wernke

Mervyn Jones

Mervyn Jones was a jockey who won the 1940 grand national, Mervyn Jones would go on to become a fighter pilot for the RAF during the second world war but was sadly lost over Norway in 1942.Mervyn Jones Mervyn Jones Horses - Bogskar
Mervyn Jones Competition Results01 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/1940 - Bogskar
01 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/1940 - Bogskar

Sofia Monteiro Da Silva Scheer

Sofia Monteiro Da Silva Scheer - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Sofia

Sandrine Berny

Sandrine Berny is an international showjumping rider from France | Showjumping Horses

Othman Abdulshakor Nafa

Othman Abdulshakor Nafa - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping | Famous Horse Jumpers

John Cottle

John Cottle - New Zealand - Showjumping Rider John Cottle John Cottle Horses - Arturo, Ups and Downs
John Cottle Competition Results
69 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1988 - Ups and Downs
50 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1984 - Arturo
1 - World Cup Final, World Cup - 3rd Leg - 24/04/1983 - Arturo

Patrick Chupeau

Patrick Chupeau - France - Showjumping | Jump Horses For Sale

Missy Fladland

Missy Fladland is a dressage rider from the USAMissy

Wanas Alshammary

Wanas Alshammary - Saudi Arabia - Endurance RiderWanas Alshammary

Leeanna Dick

Leeanna Dick - USA - Dressage RiderLeeanna

Sylvain Austry

Sylvain Austry - France - EventingSylvain

Olivia Morel

Olivia Morel - France - Showjumping | Top Show Jumping Stallions

Bram Striezenau

Bram Striezenau is an equestrian from Holland who competes in the sport of horse vaulting | Technique Equestrian Vaulting Club

Mickels Schmartz

Mickels Schmartz is an endurance rider from Luxembourg and sister to Valy Schmartz.
Mickels Schmartz
Mickels Schmartz

Sylwia Kupczyk

Sylwia Kupczyk - Dysart Cavalier - Dressage

Romain Lewandowski

Romain Lewandowski - France - Showjumping RiderRomain

Sandro Chikhladze

Sandro Chikhladze is a showjumping rider from Russia who represented the USSR at the 1992 olympic games.