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What is a Google Algorithm?

Google use certain algorithms, or processes, or sets of rules when determining which businesses show up first in search results.

The problem is that specialists like me think we have them all figured, and then what happens Google changes them!

With Local search the algorithm used was very different to the algorithm used in organic search but all that changed in November 2010, when Google merged the two algorithms.

This was a major change and is the reason why the listings now appear as they do with a blending of Local Results and Organic Results.

The important thing to take on board is that this combination has resulted in your website optimisation playing an important role in the Local listing results. Previously it did not really matter in terms of your listing placement whether your website was properly optimised or indeed whether you had a website at all.

But now it does play a role in determining the results in Local search.

This is likely to mean that the businesses without a website or a poorly optimised one are, going forward, more likely to struggle to achieve that coveted first page in Local search, in comparison with a business with an active and well optimised site.

So if you are a local businesses with no website you really need to think about getting one it does help in the overall user experience of your potential customer and that is what Google cares about!

What is a Google Algorithm?

What is a Google Algorithm?