Westphalian Horses

Westphalian horses is a breed of warmblood horses from the western region of Germany. Since the world war two Westphalian horses have been bred to focus equestrian sports of showjumping and dressage and have produced many outstanding sport horses.

Westphalian Horses


Stallion Attacks Alligator

Watch this Brave Stallion as he defends his herd by attacking and driving off a large alligator on the prairie. Is this the most badass horse you have ever seen? …
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  • Darco


    BWP showjumping stallion Darco, competed at the Barcelona olympics by Ludo Philippaerts | Watch video of Darco in action jumping at the Olympic games
  • Sanna Koskiluhta

    Sanna Koskiluhta

    Sanna Koskiluhta - Finland - Dressage Rider, Lives in Vaasa, Finland