West Coast Fires - Horse Rescue Update

Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbours on the West Coast who are facing the tragedy of the forest fire`s that have been raging throughout California. The damage to property has been immense with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage as well as the sad loss of life that has already occurred.

California has a rich equestrian community and the fires has already caused the destruction of a number of horse stables with many yards in the process of evacuating their horses away from the fire, with the fire growing around 1000 acres per hours, everyone in on full alert.
Horse Fire Update
California Fore Map

ContentAdvert At Clovis North High School, a startling picture shows hundreds of animals being sheltered.

"I would easily guess we`re at 300 or 350," Jeannie Sa with the Central California Animal Disaster Team.

Blake Cadigan and a team of volunteers are working around the clock.

"We`re trying to get as much livestock as possible," said Cadigon Owner of Evolution Quarter Horses. "Right now we`re having a hard time getting into these mountain roads."

Evolution Quarter Horses spent the day rescuing livestock from the Creek Fire, navigating tight roads and small spaces to save animals that need their help.
Evolution Quarter Horses
"It`s a lot of real small tight, tight spaces," added Cadigan. "We`re trying to get these four-horse trailers or stock trailers and it`s really hard."

So far, they`ve saved over 500 animals.

The group is asking for donations for fuel and supplies. You can donate at their GoFundMe page.

"Everything we do is for free, we don`t charge anybody anything, this is all volunteer," said Cadigan. "We`re using our own equipment, our own trucks."

Once the horses are out of the immediate fire location, they have a location available in Frescno County for the displaced horses that are being transported to Clovis Rodeo grounds.

You can call the Central California Animal Disaster team hotline at 888-402-2238 for more info.
Wild fires are not a new occurrence in California with the horse community facing them on a number of occassions, below you can see footage from fire`s two years ago with horses stampeding and getting rescued, escaping the on coming blazes.
California Fires

West Coast Fires - Horse Rescue Update