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Website Personal Consultation

Our interactive, personal consulting and in-person development process is helpful and valuable in the development of your website and is our distinguishing strength. We are willing to go the extra mile or two-hundred to meet with you and do the job exactly how you want it! We offer:

Web Developer Consultations

On-site, Interactive, Professional Development Process
Digital Photography, Video and Scanning of Desired Images for Your Website
Experienced eDevelopers with Knowledge of Internet Browser Usage, Website Loading Techniques and Standards, and a Commitment to Integrity
Addressing of Business Specific Challenges and Questions
Quick Turnaround and Online Publishing of Projects
Explanation and Understanding Shared through Every Step
Video Conferencing available
Remote Desktop Sharing available
Available for Your Feedback and Questions 24/7!
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Our Equipment
Web Design Equipment
In order to maintain our reputation for top-of-the-line website creation and customer service, all of our web designers are equipped with the latest technology to accomplish an affordable web site design for you with the fewest delays possible. The standard equipment that is carried by our web designers includes:

Website Development Laptops Pocket PCs equipped with web-ready digital cameras. These are used for capturing images in real-time speed for use on your project. Additionally, they are used to maintain the highest level of organization and the attention to detail guaranteed on every project.

Scanners for scanning images and documents that you may already have and would like us to use on your project.

Digital video recorders to add movie content

Finally our web designers further complement our uniquely interactive web design process by doing the actual development on high-tech laptop computers. These are used in the field to eliminate travel time and make it easy for you to see your project`s progress in real time!

Website Personal Consultation

Website Personal Consultation