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Stable Express creative design marketing team is comprised of diversely talented and creative professionals, with years of experience, creating award winning work. You may have the right target market selected, the right delivery methodology but a poorly designed creative will produce less than desirable results.

Designing for the target market and delivery methodology is half the battle, but using words that jump out and pull the recipient to respond is the other half of what our creative team can do. Whether you are looking for web design, corporate branding design, advertising copy or email creative, Stable Express can make it happen for you while keeping your corporate branding goals in mind.

Contact Stable Express, for your next web design project.

Web Site Design is based on Strategy

For example, if your strategy is to be seen as the deepest discount marketer in your category we would design things entirely differently than if you had decided to position yourself as the most reliable marketer in that category.

Strategy dictates execution. - We have experience in a huge cross-section of business categories and have developed winning strategies for all kinds of businesses, big and small. We know where to probe and what questions to ask.

When client`s have a strategy, we respect it and immediately set to executing it clearly and directly.

After strategy, maintaining the integrity of a brand becomes the next most important thing to focus on. Your web site should present the visitor with the same friendly familiar face he or she is used to outside of cyberspace. We don`t re-invent the wheel. We look for all the things that make you, you - and incorporate them as naturally as possible into your web presence.

Corporate colours, logo and any tag line used off-line, are almost always incorporated into the web site design.

We design for your audience and make it easy and comfortable for the first time visitor or the 50th time they come back.

Remember, having the flashiest web site isn`t for all people or clients.

Research shows that a very high number of people online will switch brands after researching the product or service they are searching to purchase. This has nothing to do with bells and whistles but rather with the user experience of quality of information, level of expertise and trust.

The whole point of being recognized as a brand is to accrue the value of trust. When people recognize the mark of a product or service that they have had a good experience with they are more inclined to trust that brand to do a good job again, even if it`s for a different purpose. Over time it is the value of the brand that gathers equity. Building a brand requires taking the longer view.

This is the approach we favour. Because it`s where true success lies. If you doubt this, just look around you..

We know web design, we`ve created many and we can get you started.

Web Site Redesign

Web Site Redesign It`s obvious that web sites need continuous improvement. Just browse the web and you`ll see sites that are looking old and obsolete. There are many other reasons to redesign your site. Some of them are not obvious but are at the core of the site. It is no longer good enough to have a static website. It must capture attention, have new information and engage the visitor or else they`re gone to your competitors site.

Success on the internet can be a mix of the right design techniques and the right marketing strategy. Conversion rates, retention rates and a good customer relationship management strategy are what make a web site a success.

Success can be measured by longer term customer retention and values like total web site and marketing costs, total number of homepage hits, total number of unique orders placed, total number of hits on other pages and total cash value of web site orders.

Visitors to your site are only interested in one thing: "What`s in it for me?" Make it your goal to answer this question quickly.

Stable Express help you by determining what specific terms and services people are looking for and what and how the search engines operate will help in getting listed prominently on the key search engines.

Stable Express will research the keywords that are applicable to your web site to increase traffic and present you with a detailed plan on how to promote your web site to search engines.

A web site is usually evaluated based on the following criteria:

1) Overall look and feel with regard to your target audience

2) Content- Is it organized, current, reliable well presented and generally communicated effectively?

3) Interest- Is it engaging and causes me to want to return? Is it useful?

4) Navigation- Is it fast and easy to find things without getting lost?

5) Design appeal and function

6) Speed in relation to the purpose

7) Creditability and trust. Is it accurate? Does it appear be a solid entity?

8) Interactivity - Can the visitor communicate with you or each other?

9) Fulfill purpose - Does it seem to accomplish its intended purpose?

If your web site is missing any of the above criteria, coontact us at Stable Express. We can easily look after all site redesign needs.

Web Site Updates
Over time, information on a web site needs to be updated in order to stay current and fresh. A simple change can be daunting or tedious. A site may also require changes to existing graphics and additions to the navigation buttons ..... Stable Express can easily look after all site updates for you.

Website Maintenance

Do you need any of the following changes to your site?

Product changes, Product additions Pricing changes, Updates to your calendar, Home page changes, Content changes, Specials or sales, Forums and news groups, Adding or maintaining links, Site "makeovers", Employee changes, Company news updates, Registration updates with search engines

It is often thought that companies can save money by having their own staff make modifications to the web site. This is in error: Professional web site managers perform this task better. We do this every day.

With your staff looking after updates and maintenance it`s easy for a site to have broken links and a scrambled navigation structure. The "saving" is lost in the appearance and functionality of the site.

Web sites can be unintentionally damaged by incompetent "upgrading". Links can be broken or lost, files exposed or deleted. Having Stable Express looking after your maintenance protects your investment. We can watch over your site on an ongoing basis.

If you feel your site needs a `makeover` we can help you achieve a new look.

Stable Express can also provide user information such as how many visitors your site has and what they look at while visiting. This allows you to make decisions about both web site content and navigation elements.

Your web site is kept up-to-date. Content editing can be accomplished with updated information. Just email the information or pictures and we will upload it quickly with a trained eye to the overall effect of your site.

We manage your site using the newest technology. We can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site`s performance. Stable Express will insure that all features are functional.

Micro Web Sites

Stable Express creates and develops targeted web sites designed to optimize your online marketing visibility, ROI conversion and brand lift. These sites, optimized for search engine placement, will also achieve additional saturation for your most critical keywords on the PPC search engines. Five Star`s target sites are built from the ground up, with a strong foundation of pre-click variables and post-click behavior in mind. Detailed ROI tracking enables us to measure results and maximize your yield. Our target site creation services enable customers to focus on fulfillment . . . while we handle the rest!

eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website eCommerce is one of the most important aspects to emerge on the internet. It allows people to exchange goods and services immediately with no barriers of time or distance. Anytime of the day or night, you can go online and buy almost anything you want.

However, creating a successful online store can be difficult and sometimes confusing if you`re unaware of the concepts and principles behind eCommerce. Inorder to enter this market smoothly, you need to find out what is required to be done before you start.

eCommerce can be a very rewarding venture, but it shouldn`t be taken on lightly. There`s a lot of information that you need to learn about.

If you need a web site designed, Five Star can look after that for you.

Stable Express can also optimize your site and submit it to the search engines.

We can create a banner ad and purchase space from a high traffic web site or ezine newsletter to display your ad.

On your behalf, FIve Star can investigate other web sites that are possible rivals and put in place a strategy for competing against them.

Stableexpress will help you to make informed decisions about how to build and set up an eCommerce site that`ll work best for you.

Website Design and Development