War Horse

War horse is a critically acclaimed equestrian film directed by the great Steven Speilberg, telling the story of a horse during the first world war, below you can watch a trailer for the movie.

The War Horse novel was written from the of view of Joey the horse, it was first published in 1982 and was the runner up for the Whitbread book award that year.

War Horse
War Horse was put in theatre`s in 2007, staged by Nick Stafford, the show used life size puppets for the horses.

War Horse feature film was released on the 25th December in 2011, directed by Steven Spielberg, the screenplay was created by Curtis and Lee Hall. War Horse grossed $156,815,529 at the box office.
War Horse

During the first world war over 8 million horse lost their lives, 1 million from the UK, most horses did not return from the front, as the cost of returning them was greater than there value.
War Horse
A radio adaptation of war horse was released in 2008, staring Bob Hoskins, Timothy Spall and Brend Blethyn.
Watch Behind The Scenes From War Horse

War Horse: Behind-the-Scenes Footage


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