Viktor Daem

Viktor Daem - Holland - Showjumping Riders / Horses competed by Viktor Daem include Emerine Z, Ghost Z, Ic Magic Van De Bien, Oasis Van De Bucxtale and H&M Extra. Below you can watch a video of Viktor Daem in action riding Cancarra A.C

Viktor Daem


Young Horse Riders

Young Horse Riders competing in showjumping, dressage and eventing | Watch Michael Whitaker as a young rider riding Owen Gregory at the HOYS - Young riders champions past and present.…
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  • Unreal Horses

    Unreal Horses

    Unreal horses that you wont believe exist from around the world
  • Virginia Aste

    Virginia Aste

    Virginia Aste is a showjumping rider from Italy | Show Jump Horses For Sale | StableExpress.com Equestrian Classifieds - Virginia Aste Italian Showjumper
  • Horse Paintings

    Horse Paintings

    Looking for equestrian artists, visit our art directory browse all types of horse themed art. Oil paintings, watercolours, pastels, pencil in all different types of style.

Jerzy Krukowski

Jerzy Krukowski - Poland

Patricia Pilborg

Patricia Pilborg - Denmark - Endurance Rider Patricia Pilborg

Mykhail Chervonuk

Mykhail Chervonuk - Ukraine
Mykhail Chervonuk
Mykhail Chervonuk

Samantha Harrison

Samantha Harrison - USA - Showjumping Rider Samantha Harrison

Husam Abu Jabal

Husam Abu Jabal - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Rider Husam Abu Jabal

Attie Jordaan

Attie Jordaan - South Africa

The Sales: We can take horses to and from the sales in England, Ireland and Europe.

Miguel Alvarez -Buylla Rodriguez

Miguel Alvarez -Buylla Rodriguez - Spain - Showjumping Rider Miguel Alvarez -Buylla Rodriguez

Pg Hj Sharifuddin

Pg Hj Sharifuddin - Brunei - Endurance Rider Pg Hj Sharifuddin

Nicola Dolan

Nicola Dolan - UK - Eventing Nicola Dolan

Hansueli Schmutz

Hansueli Schmutz - Switzerland - Eventing Hansueli Schmutz

Ceilidh Armer

Ceilidh Armer - Australia - Eventing Ceilidh Armer

Lyndsey Smith

Lyndsey Smith - Showjumping Lyndsey Smith

Lyndsey Smith Horses

Best Kept Secret ll, Randi Andy

Lyndsey Smith Competition Results

17 - Scope, Young Riders B & C Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2005 - Randi Andy
11 - Scope, British Novice Preliminary Round 2 - 30/08/2005 - Best Kept Secret ll

Edgar Paillousse

Edgar Paillousse - France is a showjumping rider, below you can watch a video of Edgar Paillousse in action

Edgar Paillousse

Edgar Paillousse

Minna Haikarainen

Minna Haikarainen - Finland - Showjumping Rider Minna Haikarainen

Zelda Bronkhorst

Zelda Bronkhorst is an endurance rider from South Africa, horses competed by Zelda Bronkhorst includes Mitz, Sekelbos Anastacia and Monsoon.
Zelda Bronkhorst
John Renwick
John Renwick

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Horse Videos

Zelda Bronkhorst

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Zelda Bronkhorst