Nadine Capellmann

Victoria Gargallo Garcia


We welcome any comments and helpful hints from our clients, and have already effected several new ideas, e.g. exta lighting, a fire extinguisher, no-smoking signs, emergency tyre inflator, and a torch!

Delays are inevitable, but try and plan your timetable carefully in advance to avoid late charges. We can, circumstances permitting, let you collect the horsebox the evening before you start your journey, to enable you to make an early start. There is no charge for this, and we can only help if the box is returned on time from its previous hirer.

We reserve the right to switch your hire to another vehicle, should it be necessary for any reason.

We may be hiring trailers this summer. Please let us know if this would suit your needs more than a box! Would you prefer to hire

(a) trailer alone for your own vehicle to tow?

(b) four-wheel drive vehicle and trailer for towing yourself?

Victoria Gargallo Garcia