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Vicki Roycroft

Vicki Roycroft is an Australian showjumping rider and eventer with an impressive competition record, representing Australia at three olympic games as well as three world championships. In 1983 Vicki Roycroft was crowned Australian champion in three day eventing, she would also win the Australian championship in 1996 and 2005 in showjumping.

Vicki Roycroft would also compete at 4 showjumping world cup finals winning and won numerous world cup qualifers on 12 different horses.

Watch Vicki Roycroft riding Coalminer at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
Vicki Roycroft

Vicki Roycroft Horses

Coalminer XX, Luna Luna, Landede, Skybreaker (sired by Heartbreaker)

Vicki Roycroft

Vicki Roycroft Competition Results

07 - Rotterdam, Minolta Prijs - Table A - 31/08/2002 - Skybreaker
05 - Rotterdam, Sita Prijs - 30/08/2002 - Luna Luna
23 - Lummen, Lummen Grand Prix - 03/07/1999 - Coalminer XX
6 - Aachen, Prize of Tuchfabrik Becker - 14/08/1998 - Coalminer XX
Vicki Roycroft

Vicki Roycroft

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