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Vaujany Gala Skating with a Horse

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Vaujany Gala Skating with a Horse

Violet Hopkins

Violet Hopkins - USA - Dressage Instructor

Yehya Khairy

Yehya Khairy - Saudi Arabia

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Nicolas Richard

Nicolas Richard - France - Eventing Nicolas

Judy Clarke

Judy Clarke - Australia - Eventing Judy

Antony Schneider

Antony Schneider - France

And best of all he passes his great looks and abilities on to his offspring. Pictured below is an April 2004 foal shown here at 4 months of age. Her name is Maggie and she is a real sweetheart. Whether you`re looking for a halter horse or a Cowboy`s dream horse, Nelson Quiote Bar is the Stallion to breed to this season.

Dani Judy

Dani Judy - USA - Dressage Rider Dani Judy

Alissa Feudo

Alissa Feudo - USA - Horse Vaulting

Anna-Kathar Luttgen

Anna-Kathar Luttgen - Anna-Kathar Luttgen

Marcos Hernandez

Marcos Hernandez - Uruguay - Endurance Rider