Vasiliki Batou

Vasiliki Batou is an international showjumper who has represented Greece at many major championships and classes, horses competed by Vasiliki Batou include Quindam Van Spaldick Z (Quick Chin x Grandeur)

Below you can watch some vintage footage from the Hickstead showjumping derby in the United Kingdom, from the 1960`s

Vasiliki Batou



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Pierre Versteegh

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Baltimore ex Liffey Valley, Franklins Aqua

Ryan Crumley Competition Results

11 - Rome, Rome Grand Prix - 28/05/2006 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley
29 - Rome, 1.40 Speed and handiness - 26/05/2006 - Franklins Aqua
4 - Rome, Nations Cup - 26/05/2006 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley
48 - Rome, 1.40 Against the clock - 25/05/2006 - Franklins Aqua
15 - Rome, 1.50 Against the clock - 25/05/2006 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley
1 - Copenhagen, Nations Cup - 12/05/2006 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley
5 - Fontaineblea, Prix Antona et Cofi - 1.35 Against the clock - 30/04/2006 - Franklins Aqua
53 - Fontaineblea, Grand Prix - 30/04/2006 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley
25 - Dublin, Grand Prix - 07/08/2005 - Baltimore ex Liffey Valley

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