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Ulandro - Dutch Harness Stallion

Ulandro is a KWPN approved Dutch Harness stallion, sired by Manno out of the mare Ladra (ster) who is a daughter of Balmoral. Ulandro was exported to the USA from CZ Driving Horses in Holland. Ulandro is now based at Double M Dutch Stables, 2080 E Country Road 1900 N, Arcola Illinois 61910.

Ulandro - Dutch Harness Stallion

Dutch Harness HorsesDutch Harness Horse

Ulandro - Dutch Harness Stallion

Dutch Harness HorsesDutch Harness Horse

DUTCH HARNESS HORSES!! - The most interesting and awe inspiring horses. You must see them to believe them.

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Why the Dutch Harness Horses?
Because it will give us motion, strength from the hock, suspension, more BONE conformational correctness and temperament. It is the highest natural trotting horse in the world as a result of very selective breeding for over 100 years. It can provide us with excitement, new markets, new shows and more importantly provide a solid foundation of bloodstock from which future generations of horsemen are assured of Superior English Performance Horses.

The Dutch Harness Horse provides great opportunity when crossed with the Arabian, as the resulting foal will be eligible for registration in the Half-Arabian Registry, and as such eligible to compete for over $500,000 in prize money annually. It is our belief that this cross will soon be a dominate force in the English competition of the Half-Arabian division.

Although this belief is unfounded as to fact, given that GTF Beetlejuice, arguably the most popular Half-Arabian today, is out of a Hackney mare and the Dutch Harness mares will approximate 25% Hackney themselves, is pretty convincing evidence. These 50% Arabian-50 % Dutch Harness Horse crosses will have more hybrid, larger with bigger bone and stronger from the rear, than the American Saddlebred cross.

Many breeders will be satisfied in breeding the Dutch Harness Horses strictly for the Half-Arabian market, which enjoys the highest degree of marketability in the entire Arabian and Half-Arabian constituency. However, others will participate in yet uncharted territory- the development of a new horse registry, which is not limited to breed or bloodlines.

This horse will be called the Renai, from the word renaissance, which means the rebirth or revival. In this case it will be the revival of the Classic English Performance horse, a horse that trots off both ends naturally, that is strong, intelligent and willing.

It`s registry will utilize the same basic selection, rating, evaluation and stallion approval system as the KWPN does for the Dutch Harness Horse and the Dutch Warmblood, respected as the best in the world for perpetuation of breed improvement.

Showing the Dutch Harness Horse

Exploding through the in-gate with each driver urging a spectacular performance, the precision of brilliant motion is equaled only by their presence. The exciting "tic-toc, tic-toc" expression of their hooves becomes an experience, as well as a sound. As these show horses "air up" and respond to their appreciative audience, great pride is evident on every face in the stands.

Today, the Dutch Harness Horse are the highlight of many Dutch horse shows, adding an aura of delightful excitement and thrill to these events. As with all breeds, there are many divisions for competition, but the In Hand and Fine Harness classes generate the most interest and competition. Local and Provincial shows are held throughout the spring and summer, culminating with the National Championships at the end of the season. In Hand horses are presented standing for a few seconds and then trotted for several laps of the arena, requiring relay handlers.

Driving horses wear a light harness and are hooked to a variety of light show carriages, similar to our Fine Harness carts; only larger and taller.

The Harness Horse is, above all, a Show Horse. He must be upright, beautiful and brilliant. He must display a spectacular trot, using his shoulder and lifting his forelegs high with open motion. His hocks must be used well and powerfully, causing him to be propelled forward with authority, strength and stamina.

Ladies` horses are also harnessed to a beautiful high wheeled carts, and must exhibit manners as well as beauty and performance.

There are also classes for pairs tandems and four in-hands, where driving skills are judged as well as the similarity of the horses. Often these are some of the most prestigious events, as it is no small task to acquire, train and match four nearly identical top horses.

The Open classes for registered mares and Approved stallions are the most closely watched by breeders, for this is the stock that will be used to produce future generations. The foals of the Champions will be the most desired and valuable, if they too prove themselves to be superior.

Ulandro - Dutch Harness Stallion