Twin Foals

Below we meet some twin foals from around the world, as well as information and answers to frequently asked questions about twin foals.
Twin Miniature Foals
How common are twin foals?
Twin foals in horses is a rare event, with approximately 1 in 10,000 births being twins, you may consider it a bonus of having 2 foals instead of one, but unfortunately it often has a unhappy ending, and can be dangerous for the mare and often one or both of the twins don`t survive.

Meet the rare twin foals
Welsh cob foals Tilly and Lilly born in Suffolk at Wingfield stables, watch the video below how they grow and develop.
Twin foals are not a good idea!
In horse breeding brood mares are often scanned throughout the breeding season to determine the best time to cover with a stallion, and to ensure the mare has caught in foal. After 14/18 days the vet can see if the mare has twin ovulated and the vet will pinch the smaller one allowing the other foal to grow properly.

Newborn twin foals only hours old. (twins are rare for horses) Twin Foals
These Twin Foals Stole The Show...
Twin Shire Horse Foals
Twin Shire Horse Foals

Twin Foals

Saratoga twins first time out....
Twin Foals
Twin Foal
How Common Are Twin Foals?
Twin foals are rare and best avoided if possible, it can be dangerous for the mare as well as often resulting in the death of one or both of the foals born. 1 in around 10,000 births are twin pregnancies, many breeders have there brood mares scanned at 12/14 days and if the mare has twin ovulated then one of the embryo`s are aborted.
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