Turkish Sculptor, Cem Ozkan - Steampunk Horse

A student of Anadolu University, Cem Ozkan is a talented metal work sculptor, creating fantastic pieces of art, as well as this stunning equestrian sculpture Cem Ozkan has also created Astronauts, Ships, Animals and Warrior sculptures.

Turkish sculptor, Cem Ozkan - Steampunk Horse

Magnificent metal sculpture by Turkish sculptor, Cem Ozkan. Amazing piece of art!!!

Turkish Sculptor - Cem Ozkan - Horse Metal Sculptor
Cem Ozkan - Metal Horse Sculptor

Cem Ozkan - Steampunk Horse Sculptor

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Cem Ozkan - Horse Sculptor

Below you can watch a video of Cem Ozkan in action creating his fantastic artwork.

Turkish Sculptor, Cem Ozkan - Steampunk Horse

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