Training Police Horses (1967) - Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch School

The Metropolitan Police have a long history of using horses for policing, below you can watch some good old fashion police horse training from 1967, watch how the horses are trained to cope with life on the beat in the 1960`s.

Training Police Horses (1967)
Horses are used by the Police all around the world, below you can watch footage of the Canadian Mounted Police Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Mounted Police Display - Olympia Horse Show - Metropolitan Police Activity RideMounted Police Display - Olympia Horse Show - Metropolitan Police Activity Ride
Police Horses From Around The WorldPolice Horses Finnegan The Police Horse - Confidence comes from discipline and trainingFinnegan The Police Horse - Confidence comes from discipline and training
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Els Van Der Veken

Els Van Der Veken - Belgium

Jolaine Bindeman

Jolaine Bindeman - NamibiaJolaine Bindeman

Kostiantyn Iaroshenko

Kostiantyn Iaroshenko - UkraineKostiantyn Iaroshenko

Kordula Voigts

Kordula Voigts - Namibia

Marek Ziomek

Marek Ziomek - Poland

Sylvana Wezeman

Sylvana Wezeman - Holland Sylvana

Mr T Garner

Mr T Garner -

Rome Dreyer

Rome Dreyer - South Africa

Mandie Cronje

Mandie Cronje - South Africa - Endurance Rider Mandie Cronje

Saskia Vitt

Saskia Vitt - Germany - Showjumping RiderSaskia Vitt

Vittoria Ciuchi

Vittoria Ciuchi - Italy - Endurance RiderVittoria Ciuchi

Rashed Saeed Al Khatri

Rashed Saeed Al Khatri - UAERashed Saeed Al Khatri

Babette Lenna

Babette Lenna - USA - Eventing Babette Lenna

Patricio Guglialmelli Lynch

Patricio Guglialmelli Lynch - Argentina - Dressage Rider Patricio Guglialmelli Lynch

Patrik Majher

Patrik Majher - Slovakia - Showjumping Rider Patrik Majher

Nikola Bielikova

Nikola Bielikova - Czech - Showjumping Rider Nikola Bielikova

Krystin Schmid

Krystin Schmid - Canada - EventingKrystin Schmid