Tjallina - Minker Friesian Mare

Funny Horse NamesFunny Horse Names

Tjallina - Minker Friesian Mare
  • Brian Morrison

    Brian Morrison

    Watch Brian Morrison riding Global Orchid | Eventing Website | Brian Morrison - Ireland - Eventing
  • Pippa Allen

    Pippa Allen

    Pippa Allen is a very talented showjumping rider with lots of experience having spent time with Helena and Tim Stormanns
  • Asturcon Horses

    Asturcon Horses

    Asturcon Horses, The Native Ponies of Northern Spain :- Asturcon breed horses. Raised in Buseco (Valdés)-Asturias. Hardness, rusticity, functionality and excellent character. Ponies with excellent equestrian qualities already proven.

Stefanie Groll

Stefanie Groll - Germany - Para Equestrian DressageStefanie Groll

Yvan Paul

Yvan Paul - France

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Anais Paul

Anais Paul - France - Showjumping Rider

Jonathon Stevens

Jonathon Stevens - Welsh Sections A & B / Jonathan Stevens & Penclose Maestro Jonathon

Manaf Al Hunaidi

Manaf Al Hunaidi - Kuwait - Showjumping Rider / Manaf Al Hunaidi & Haribo - 9 yr old Hungarian Mare (1959 LANDULET x RITTERSPORN II-2) at the Jordan Internationl Show in March 2009 CSI