Tippbarlake Exmoor Herd Annual Roundup, Devon

Every year crowds gather to see the semi feral exmoor pony her rounded up for identification and update the DNA profiles for the exmoor pony breed society. Over 100 lovely exmoor ponies are brought in from the Brendon Common, over 3000 acres. The roundup has grown more and more popular each year with more and more spectators coming to watch from all around the UK. Below you can watch a video of the annual roundup of the tippbarlake herd.

The annual roundup of the tippbarlake herd on exmoor yesterday. @A Place In Devon

Exmoor Ponies
Each year some of these lovely Exmoor yearling are rounded up and weaned before finding a loving new home to try and help increase the popularity of this endangered moorland pony breed.

The Exmoor ponies from the Brendon common are renowned to be tough and hardy having survive the tough terrain and conditions of the moorlands. The Tippbarklake herd have some of the oldest most pure bloodlines and are in the ponies bred on the Exmoor National Park at in high demand for any lovers of Exmoor ponies and other mountain and moorland horse breeds. Tippbarlake Exmoor Herd Annual Roundup, Devon
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