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This Freestyle Reining Winner Pays Homage To Ex-Racehorses

It`s always incredible experience to watch a Freestyle Reining Competition, because competitors are so unusually creative. Here is a one of a kind story! At the All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Competition, along with her Pickup Chic, Laura Mae Schoeller won the competition in a racing saddle.

She took the freestyle challenge very serious and made it look super fun. She transformed both her and her horse, so for the show, she was a jockey and Pickup Chic was a racehorse. The pair did a great job. Although the horse was wearing a racing bridle and a blinders, she managed to make everything look perfect. Schoeller also showed a lot of balance and strength, apart from the fact that her stirrups were shortened to jockey length.

Their performance drag a lot of attention, especially in the world of Quarter Horse Racing, because it showed how Quarter Horses can have a second careers. Although that sport is not as much popular as Thoroughbred racing is, it still deserves respect, because many Quarter horses are trained to race. After their career ends, while they are still young, their owner gets a horse who will no longer bring him prize money. That`s why many owners of Quarter Horses are trying to find a new home for their retired horse.

When it comes to that point, racehorse rehoming organizations are the ones who come in the game. For example, LOPE Texas, are helping those horses to find suitable adoptive homes that will help him to start a new careers. These kind of organizations are highly important to the racing industry.

It`s an incredible challenge to re-home a former racing horse and you must give him a proper training, so that he can become reliable for everyday riding. Most often, these horses have successful careers in jumping, reining, trail riding and other disciplines.

This Freestyle Reining Winner Pays Homage To Ex-Racehorses