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The Twin Arabian Foals Who Defied The Odds

Twin foals are rare in horses, and the chances of both foals and the mother to survive is 1 in 10,000, here we meet the Arabian twins Majician and Majus who beat the odds and have grown into happy healthy horses.

Owner Jennifer Wilson, was surprised when the second of the twins started making his appearance as the mother`s sonogram had only showed the one embryo as the pair of them had been sharing the same embryonic sac. Once the birth was over both foals seemed weak and Jennifer thought both foals were dead, but then she saw that in-fact both foals were alive and breathing.
Twin Arabian Foals
Both foals were weak, with tiny joint, but nevertheless they both managed to get to there feet and start feeding, but the struggle for survival was not over, after 3 days both foals started showing issues with their digestive system, Jennifer tried treating them at home but she was forced to make the stressful ride to an emergency clinic. After tests it was found the foals were suffering from a salmonella-like bacteria, which they had received via their mother`s milk.

After a week of treatments, the foals began to make the first steps along the long road to recovery, and were given clearance to return home, but survival was still less than certain. As the weeks progressed the foals would get stronger and stronger until after about six weeks they looked to have turned the corner. Below you can watch the boys at play in the field.
Over the years these two Arabian would grow into two fine specimens, with the brothers having striking similarities in appearance, but the temperaments were very different with Majician being shy and timid, while his brother Majus was bold and confident and always getting into trouble.

These two captured the heart of the world with their fight for survival and have been seen by millions of horse lovers all around the world, they also have their very own book telling the story of the The Arabian BOGO Colts.

These foals are now five years old, and is lovely to see how they have grown into lovely specimens, they have both been shown in hand and are now being ridden under saddle. Below you can see a more current video of how the boy have grown, but they still enjoy a play in the field If you have enjoyed the story of the BOGO twins please share it with your friends
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The Twin Arabian Foals Who Defied The Odds