The Endangered Black Forest Horse Of Germany

The Black Forest Horse is an endangered breed of light draft horse hailing from the Black forest in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, South Germany.

Black Forest Horse
The Black Forest Horse is a well-muscled light to medium draft with a short, powerful neck and sloped shoulders with broad, strong hooves and un-feathered legs.
Black Forest Horses
The Black Forest dates back to before the 15th Century when breeding records began.
Black Forest Horses Like many draft breed they were originally used for farming and forestry work.
Black Forest Foals
The Black Forest Breed Association was started in 1896 in Sankt Margen with the stud book beginning in the same year. Rondo, A Black Forest Chestnut
Black Forest Horses
Black Forest Horses
In 1945, the end of the Second World War there were over 1200 registered breeding mares but number declined from then on due to mechanisation dwindling to around 150 in 1977.
Black Forest Horses
The Breed was listed as endangered in 2007
Black Forest Horses
By 2017 number had grown to 1077 breeding mares and 88 Stallions.
Black Forest Horses
Black Forest Horses are always Chestnut in colour with a Flaxen Mane and tail, no other colours can be recognised as a Black Forest Horse although coats can vary from pale to dark. Black Forest Horses The breed has a dense mane that hangs down both sides of the neck. Black Forest Horses Black Forest horses are still used today for driving but also as pleasure drafts, their temperament makes them good companion horses.
Black Forest Horses
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