Thats one proud momma @Aftonmora Friesians

That`s one proud momma💕 🎥 Aftonmora Friesians

There is nothing more beautiful thank a mother with her new born foal, below you can see a very proud mother at Aftonmora Friesians, a Scandinavian Friesian horse center that focuses on dressage and qualitative breeding of Friesian horses.
Mona Lisa M. kroon & Indigo af Aftonmora, photo: Magnus ÖsthAftonmora-Friesian-Mare-and-Foal.jpg
For more information call : +46 76 213 58 00, email : or visit their website at Aftonmora Friesians
Aftonmora Friesian Horses
Aftonmora Friesian Horse Breeding
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Thats one proud momma @Aftonmora Friesians

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