Taskmaster - Paint A Horse While Riding A Horse

Watch the contestants of American Taskmaster paint a picture of a horse whilst riding a horse, and it has to be in motion. Is a pretty difficult task, watch the video below to see how the paintings end up.
Horse Paintings


Horse Clippers

Have a look at these fantastic horse hair do`s. Looking for someone to clip and groom your horse find professionals in and around your area. Horse Clip Art…
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    Equestrian Couples

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  • Ronnie Healy

    Ronnie Healy

    Ronnie Healy - Greenbank Harlequin | Hickstead Showjumping | Ronnie Healy - South Africa - Showjumping Rider
  • Best Horse Race Finishes

    Best Horse Race Finishes

    Any fans of horse of the year show, share you HOYS memory`s in the comments below. click here to watch HOYS show reel & Stableexpress. Stableexpress has results, news & information from horse shows from all around the world.