Taskmaster - Paint A Horse While Riding A Horse

Watch the contestants of American Taskmaster paint a picture of a horse whilst riding a horse, and it has to be in motion. Is a pretty difficult task, watch the video below to see how the paintings end up.
Horse Paintings


No Scope, No Hope!

Have a look at some horses with tremendous scope from the worlds of showjumping and eventing - Horses with scope, no scope, no hope…
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  • Trevor Coyle

    Trevor Coyle

    Irish showjumper Trevor Coyle, he had many great horses best is best known for his partnership with the fantastic stallion Cruising
  • Yvette Lawson

    Yvette Lawson

    Yvette Lawson - New Zealand Event Rider - Horse Rider Database | Buy and sell eventers on Stableexpress.com | Equestrian Classifieds
  • Lodovico Cavazza Isolani

    Lodovico Cavazza Isolani

    Italian eventer Lodovico Cavazza Isolani | Watch video`s of top event riders & horses | Lodovico Cavazza Isolani - Italy - Eventing Website.

Zoretta We

2004 KWPN mare Zoretta W.E. is a daughter of Ovidus out of the mare Loretta B who is a daughter of Zeddam

High Offley Fernando - Coloured Stallion

Zoretta We

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Zoretta We
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