Mare born in 1981, Talome is a daughter of the thoroughbred stallion Sacramento Song xx, the dam of Talome is the daughter of Wahnfried, Dalome.

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Watch showjumping stallion High Offley Fernando, sired by Kannan


Tinka`s Boy

Watch video of Tinka`s Boy in action | Tinka`s Boy Fantastic jumping stallion competed by Markus Fuchs and Nick Skelton…
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Stã©Phane Anquetin

Stã©Phane Anquetin - France - Stable Express Equestrian Website - French Horse Rider

Dimitri Spiessens

Dimitri Spiessens - Belgium

Alessia Marioni

Alessia Marioni - Italy

Alex Page

Alex Page -

André Dignelli

André Dignelli -

Hilde Woudstra

Hilde Woudstra - Holland

Minnie Kemp

Minnie Kemp - UK

Nicolas Coze

Nicolas Coze - France

Peter Yelavich

Peter Yelavich - New Zealand
Horse Rings

Sally May

Sally May - Australia

Sofie Andersson

Sofie Andersson - Sweden

Stefanie Kowald

Stefanie Kowald - Austria

Assier Illarramendi Sagarna

Assier Illarramendi Sagarna - Spain

Do you have a valid Authorisation Certificate which entitles you to transport horses?

We are a fully authorised horse transporter. Our Animal Transporter Authorisation number is UK/LEEDS/T200028759. This is a United Kingdom Animal Transporter Authorisation for Type 2 Authorisations (valid for all journeys, including journeys over 8 hours). This authorisation entitles North Yorkshire Horse Transport to transport all species of live vertebrate animals.

Yousif Yaqoob

Yousif Yaqoob - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Yousif Yaqoob

Mohammad Mussa Msalam Jrebea`A

Mohammad Mussa Msalam Jrebea`A - Jordan - Horse Rider | Equestrian Website, Stableexpress.com

Ebony Toole

Ebony Toole - Australia - EventingEbony Toole

Karan Singh Rajput Singh

Karan Singh Rajput Singh - UAE - Endurance RiderKaran Singh Rajput Singh

Haley Webb

Haley Webb - UK - EventingHaley Webb