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Sztumski Heavy Draft Horse - Power and Strength

The Sztumski heavy draft horse originates from Poland, known for their power and strength. Sztumski Heavy Draft Horse
Polish Draft Horse

Sztumski Heavy Draft Horse - Power and Strength

Sally Johnson

Sally Johnson - UK - Eventing / Horses competed by Sally Johnson include Fernhill T-scarlettm Dublin & Alley Cat

Abdulrahman Alshammari

Abdulrahman Alshammari - Saudi Arabia

"Dancer`s Moonlite Serenade", yearling bay filly, very beautiful head and conformation. Will have daddy`s long thick mane and tail.

Price: $2000.

New horses arrive periodically - check with us for details!

New Arrivals in 2002:

"Sensational Kachina Doll", Registered MFT filly born 4/9/02. Out of Traveler`s Black Sensation and War Eagle`s Apache. Chestnut with star, very beautiful, friendly and gaited! Will be available after weaning in August.

Price: $1800.