Susan Cox

Susan Cox - UK - Endurance Rider / Kilbally sport and leisure horses / Greater Norwich Area, United Kingdom
Susan Cox Susan Cox

Susan Cox

The Martinside Stud

Home of Tobiano stallion Out Of The Blue (Graded with CHAPS), sired by Fine Blue out of the Irish draft mare Jumbo Jet. Phone : 07732645163, email : …
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    Beaches Triple T Ranch - BTTR Morgans

    Ellensburg, Washington 98926, United States, Telephone : 509 499-2291, Email : BTTR.SB@GMAIL.COM, ]Morgan Stallions At Stud #Morgan Horses For Sale
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Henrique De Carvalho Barbosa

Henrique De Carvalho Barbosa - Brazil - Endurance Rider Andalusian Horse PriceAndalusian Horse Price

Sarah Tyson

Sarah Tyson is an endurance rider from the UK, in 2005 Sarah Tyson represented the UK at the world championships in Dubai with Simbar and in 2001 with Diamond Dynasty.

Coloured Sport Horse Foals For Sale - Coloured foals listed for sale with proven sport horse pedigree`s.

Sara Guzzoni

Sara Guzzoni - Italy
Sara Guzzoni
Sara Guzzoni

Duane Latimer

Duane Latimer is a Canadian reining rider who won individual gold at the 2006 world equestrian games in Aachen with Hang Ten Surprize. Four years later Duane Latimer won another individual bronze medal at the world equestrian games in Lexington, USA riding Dun Playin Tag. Below you can watch Duane Latimer riding Dun Playin Tag.

Duane Latimer

Fly Repellent For Horses

How to Trap Fruit Flies - There are several easy to make fruit fly traps that are highly effective if used correctly.

FRUIT FLY JAR TRAP - Drop a piece of rotten fruit in a huge, clean jar such as a Mason jar. Place the jar near the area with greatest infestation of fruit flies, typically near a fruit bowl in the kitchen. Place a paper cone with a little space in the bottom of the jars mouth. The pointed side must point downward. The fruit flies will enter the cone through the large end of the cone and make their way through the space into the bottle. Once they have dropped inside of the jar, they wont be able to get back out. This is also an example of a natural fruit fly repellent.

FRUIT FLY BOWL TRAP - Place a piece of skinless fruit and some wine, or some balsamic vinegar in a bowl. A mixture of white wine and coriander seeds works, as well as wine vinegar. Cover the bowl securely, without wrinkles, with plastic wrap. Poke a few (small) holes in the plastic with a fork. The fruit flies will be attracted to the scent and will crawl into the bowl. Once in, they wont be able to get back out. This is an example of a homemade fruit fly repellent.

FRUIT FLY BOTTLE TRAP - Using clean plastic soft drinks bottles (a large size), drill one 3/8-inch hole near the top of each bottle. Pour in 1 inch of orange juice, vanilla extract, then hang one or two traps near the area where you need a fruit fly repellent. Male flies will enter the bottle and drown in the liquid. You wont get rid of the entire fruit fly population, however youll help to diminish it by lowering the number of available breeding males.

You can buy sticky traps or make your own. If making your own, cut yellow poster board to fit inside plastic ziplock bags. Then smear petroleum jelly or another sticky material, such as honey, on the outside of the bags. The yellow color of the poster board will attract the fruit flies where they will get stuck to the sticky component. Replace your traps when they become full with fruit flies. You can also use sticky traps in the kitchen if you can find a suitable hiding place.

Pragash Allimuthu

Pragash Allimuthu Endurance Rider From UAE Pragash Allimuthu

Marketa Terberova

Marketa Terberova - Czech

Sashikala Davies

Sashikala Davies is an endurance rider from France, with an international competition record Sashikala Davies has had success with a number of different horses, these horses include Kalinka De Palat (Negalrex El Sigour x Neral) Sashikala

Gaewyn Churchill

Gaewyn Churchill is an endurance rider from New Zealand, horses competed by Gaewyn Churchill includes Golden Shelter Ta Ariq and Four Winds Sirhabb.

Sultan Alsaleh

Sultan Alsaleh - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider | Help us expand our rider profile please email is at
Sultan Alsaleh

Abdul Rashid Abdul Malik

Abdul Rashid Abdul Malik - UAE - Endurance RiderAbdul Rashid Abdul Malik

Claudio Roberto Bagarolli

Claudio Roberto Bagarolli is an endurance rider from Brazil, in 2002 Claudio Roberto Bagarolli represented his country at the world equestrian games with his horse Rsc Eldeb Haran.

16.2HH TB Geilding
14yrs chestnut gelding. Reg TB. Ex point to point. Needs experienced home/rider as too much horse for current novice owner. Some tack/rugs available. Vacc/wormed etc. Lucy 07971 119070 Somerset S...

Vitor Hugo Godinho

Vitor Hugo Godinho - Portugal - Endurance Rider Budweiser Clydesdales

Beata Dzikowska

Beata Dzikowska is an endurance rider from Poland with an international competition record representing Poland at two world championships and a European championships. In 2012 at the world championships in Babolina she finished in 4 place with her horse Arwim.
Beata Dzikowska

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