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Stunning Dressage Prospect, Lichfield

15 year old, former racer ideal dressage prospect, | Lichfield, Staffordshire | £800 ONO | Call :- 07402 186229 Stunning Dressage Prospect

Metaphoric is a beautiful 15 year old 16.1hh ex race horse. Metaphoric or Ric as he is known was owned by Ascot Racing Club and was very successful as a hurdle racer. Ric is now retired and is a fantastic dressage prospect. He has beautiful movement and is keen to learn. This is a really sad sale as he is a much loved horse but due to time commitments I am looking for a new home for him to enjoy.

CALL : 07402 186229 :- £800

Stunning Dressage Prospect, Lichfield

Cory Walkey

Cory Walkey is a dressage rider from the USA Cory Walkey

Péter Pachl

Péter Pachl -

Péter Pachl

Horse Rider

Péter Pachl Horses


Péter Pachl Competition Results

23 - CDI 3*-W Kaposvar (HUN), GP4 - 14/10/2005 - OSTERGARDENS FIRST LADY
23 - CDI 3*-W Kaposvar (HUN), GP4 - 14/10/2005 - OSTERGARDENS FIRST LADY
7 - CDI 3*-W Kaposvar (HUN), GPSpecial6 - 14/10/2005 - OSTERGARDENS FIRST LADY
7 - CDI 3*-W Kaposvar (HUN), GPSpecial6 - 14/10/2005 - OSTERGARDENS FIRST LADY

Annemiek Van Der Vorm

Annemiek Van Der Vorm was born in 1981, with a love of horses inherited from her family she began riding at the age of 9. Annemiek now competes a number of dressage horses. In 1994 Annemiek was picked to participate in a European championship in Achselschwang (Germany) with her dressage pony Navelino.

After her pony days, Annemiek rode several horses to Z level, including the former jumping horse Incredible. With this stallion, Annemiek won two European team silver, three team gold and individually two silver at the Young Riders and Junior championships. In 2001 Annemiek was elected Rabobank Talent of the year.

After completing her HBO Office management course, Annemiek left for Schenefeld (Hamburg, Germany) with Incredible for a year and a half. Here she trained horses for Mr. Koschel and she rode Incredible at various "S" competitions (Light Tour level).

In 2004 she worked for a year and a half for Stall Kasselmann in Hagen a.T.W. She trained young horses for commercial purposes and made several international contacts here. At the request of the Kasselmann family, Annemiek went to Beijing (China) and Seoul (South Korea) to teach there.

In 2005 Annemiek won an "S" test with "Goldenes Reiterabzeichnen".

In 2006 Annemiek got an offer in the Netherlands and she worked for a year and a half in front of Jan Greve`s Watermill. Here she had, among other things, the KWPN approved stallions Scandic and Wilawander.

During this period she also rode for a number of months for the Nijhof family. Here she had, among others, the KWPN approved stallions Johnson, Dayano and Sandreo to ride. In 2007 the dressage stables of Mr. Greve in Haaksbergen ended and Scandic is now doing great under Patrick Kittel.

Her former rider Incredible was released later competed by Michelle van Lanen on a light tour and Young Rider level. During the European championships in 2009 in Ermelo, Incredible was honored. He was then the horse that participated the most times in a European championship dressage! Now Incredible is back in West Brabant to enjoy his old age.

In the summer of 2007, Annemiek chose not to be a full-time professional rider anymore.

Now she is working at a headhunter office in Rotterdam for three days and her own agency in office management and the organization of events.

KJaerholm`s Abutsiaq

Fiona Bigwood purchase KJaerholm`s Abutsiaq (by Michellino x Limelight) in 2018, a 14 year old Danish warmblood produced by Ejby Christiansen. Below you can watch a video of Fiona and KJaerholm`s Abutsiaq in action at Hartpury in a grand prix competition.

Juan Jose Bancalari Elmudesi

An international dressage rider from the Dominican Republic, Juan Jose Bancalari Elmudesi has competed internationally with horses including Freestyle 3, VDL Loisville and Maximillian

Egon von Neindorff

Egon von Neindorff - Germany - Dressage Rider Egon von Neindorff


A Jungle Prince x -, - Dressage Competition Horses Armageddon

Tosca Visser Van Der Meulen

Tosca Visser Van Der Meulen - Holland - Dressage Rider / Tosca VISSER VAN DER MEULEN & ASTHER DE JEU (Contango x Jazz) - Royal Windsor Horse Show - Castle Arena - CDI4 Al Shira`aa Grand Prix Freestyle to Music
Tosca Visser Van Der Meulen

Stena Hoerner

Stena Hoerner - Stena Hoerner, Dressage at De Montfort

Stena Hoerner

High Offley Fernando - Fernando is a young stallion with loads of promise for the future, after a successful stint in the show ring as a 2 and 3 year old, Fernando has now been broken and we have high hopes for him in the show jumping arena. He has a fantastic temperament and lots of scope, he has all the making to be a fantastic show jumping horse for the future.

Katherine Abrams

Katherine Abrams is a dressage rider from the USA, below you can watch a video of Katherine Abrams in action Deux CBLM Championships in a duel dressage test with and Molly Ryan.

Katherine Abrams

Anand Patel

My background of riding started when I was three years of age at a riding school where I began to take lessons as a total beginner. However as I grew into the sport it became evident that I had talent for it and it slowly became an obsession. As I grew old enough I volunteered at the riding school working all day in return for an extra lesson. At the earliest permitted age I took British Horse Society Stage 1 exam which is the first professional instructor`s exam. Passing this with no faults I went on to start training for my stage 2 whilst now taking on my first teaching commitments. In the interim I also had other equestrian projects such as the headship of a complicated Quadrille ride in front of a large audience. After passing my stage 2 following much discussion I decided to take a gap year in which I managed a riding school, which included training my own set of working pupils as well as training for my Stage 3 exam.

This year proved that I have the commitment to work with horses as often I would work fourteen hour days spent teaching and training horses. However, being the most experienced rider at the yard the majority of horses that I had were problematic and rather dangerous, this I feel taught me a great deal that was imperative in the betterment of my riding for the future. Towards the end of the year I passed my Stage 3 which was a long and gruelling exam.

In July 2008 I saw an advert for a horse that appeared to fulfil every criteria that I had for my future horse. After trying him I decided that he was the perfect horse for me to start my competitive Dressage career on; this is what I had worked towards most of my life.

Once again after lengthy discussions the previous owners of the horse made the decision to sponsor me in that they would sell me an affordable share of the horse therefore providing me with the opportunity of a lifetime.

I have competed my current horse at different shows around the country; my next aim is to get him to the Nationals and some Young Rider Dressage competitions.

My aim looking to the future, is to represent my country in Dressage at Grand Prix internationally, this is what I want to gear my life towards. However, to start training and competing on the national circuit and become known on the dressage set, coming from relatively humble backings it has become apparent that I need to secure sponsorship, as a budding professional Dressage rider with sights set to the top. This will enable me to train and compete at the level at which I feel that I am capable.

I am sure that with the correct support in the long term I am going to fulfil my goal of Dressage riding internationally.

Charlotte Nordn was born into a family devoted to its agriculture business with traditions dating back centuries. Her parents Ann and William Nordn today run of Swedens biggest agribusiness related companies, Spargodt AB, with about 1200 hectares of land land which Charlotte is deeply devoted to.

Pui Lin Wong

Pui Lin Wong is a dressage rider from Malaysia, we have limited information on Pui Lin Wong, if you can help us expand our profile please email us at


Sport Horses

Rachel Nell

Rachel Nell is a dressage rider from South Africa

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee - UK - Horse Showing Rebecca Lee

de Braak Stables

de Braak Stables in Paterswolde, the Netherlands.

Our goal is scouting en breeding perfect quality Dutch Warmblood horses (KWPN). We focus on dressage horses, but also promising jump horses are selected, raised and sold by us.

We put a lot of effort in selecting our horses, only the best horses are bought by us. We select on movements, pedigree, character, potential, conformation and health.

Several horses, bought by us as foals or youngsters, developed to top classed horses and even approved KWPN stallions. You can find some examples at our reference page.

Our youngsters will grow up under the best possible conditions:

During the summer the horses remain at our own meadows, so they can move as much as they desire and eat the crisp grass. In the wintertime they live in clusters of about 10 horses in special big stables. We feed them with excellent hay from our owns meadows and give extra feed and minerals. Every day the young horses have additional exercise in the field or the paddock.At this moment we are breeding approximately 30 youngsters, every one of them carefully selected and along with an excellent pedigree. We have offspring of the stallions Gribaldi, Flemmingh, Corland, Indoctro, Special D, Polansky, Sir Sinclair etc. etc.

Their age varies from foals till three years old, for practical reasons we only raise stallions and geldings.

If you are interested in a young prospect, or just want more information, please don`t hesitate to contact us. de Braak Stables