Arthur Cockcroft

Spencer Roe

Spencer Roe is an international showjumping rider from the UK, horses competed by Spencer Roe includes Cascatino, Eclips, Fabulous and Wonder Wgy. In 2014 Spencer Roe represented the UK at the 2014 world equestrian games riding Wonder Why. Below you can watch a video of Spencer Roe in action riding Wonder Why

Spencer Roe

Spencer Roe

Maurice Ruisbroeck

Maurice Ruisbroeck is a Dutch international showjumper with an international competition record, horses competed by Maurice Ruisbroeck include Gobline Charcamm, Chivas and Celeste. Maurice Maurice Ruisbroeck - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Groenendaal Team

Groenendaal Team - HollandGroenendaal Team

Sofie Hazebroek

Sofie Hazebroek - Belgium - Showjumping Rider Sofie

Michel Broek

Michel Broek - Holland

Renske Kroeze

Renske Kroeze - Holland

Naphatra Lertsiljaroen

Naphatra Lertsiljaroen is a horse rider from Thailand, we have limited information on Naphatra, please help us grow our rider database at

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Veronique Van Roosbroeck

Veronique Van Roosbroeck - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Roger Froeyland

Roger Froeyland - Norway

Spencer Shelby Conklin

Spencer Shelby Conklin - USA - Reining

Spencer Sturmey

Spencer Sturmey - UK

Syamri Santaroena

Syamri Santaroena - MalaysiaSyamri Santaroena

Sharmayne Spencer

Sharmayne Spencer - Australia - Eventing Sharmayne

Mavis Spencer

Mavis Spencer - USA - Showjumping Rider Mavis Spencer

Clare Spencer

Clare Spencer - UK - Eventing

Charmaine Roeloffze

Charmaine Roeloffze - South Africa - Endurance Rider

Nienke Van Roekel

Nienke Van Roekel - Holland - Eventing

Nienke Van Roekel

Maurice Ruisbroek

Maurice Ruisbroek - Holland - Showjumping Rider Maurice

Peter Van Broeckhoven

Peter Van Broeckhoven -

DarkCountryZippo - Winning is easy with "DooDah" as he is ULTRA quiet, broke and equally as talented in Hunt Seat and Western Pleasure. He was the 2002 Reserve Pinto World Champion Walk Trot, ROM in Novice Amateur Western Pleasure, Points in Open Western Pleasure, Open Hunter Under Saddle. Shown in 4-H Western Pleasure also. Contact Phone: 316-828-7515

Willem Johanes Roeloffze

Willem Johanes Roeloffze - South Africa

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Crystal Kroetch

Crystal Kroetch - Canada

Nicoletta Mastroeni

Nicoletta Mastroeni - Italy - Showjumping RiderNicoletta Mastroeni

Spencer Wilton

British dressage rider Spencer Wilton has represented the United Kingdom at many major championships, below you can watch Spencer riding Super Nova II at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Spencer Wilton
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