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Solaris Sport Horses, Scotland

Located in Crief, Scotland Solaris Stud Farm is a breeder of sport horse foals with the breeding and the ability to excel in any equine discipline. Solaris Sport horses also have a selection of coloured horses all with excellent bloodlines making us one of the leading stud farms in the world for coloured sport horse breeding. We breed from proven brood mares that have been graded and inspected combined with stallions who posses some of the top bloodlines from the worlds of showjumping, dressage and eventing. For more information please call 0759 0813 509 or email us on

Solaris Stallions At Stud

Solaris Sport Horses is home to proven stallions standing at stud as well as having limited amounts of frozen seman from past stars of the stable yard, see below the selection of stallions at stud. For more information please call 0759 0813 509 or email us on

Solaris Buenno - Coloured Dutch Warmblood Stallion Solaris Buenno - Coloured Dutch Warmblood Stallion A Bay Tobiano homozygous coloured, Solaris Buenno offers warmblood breeders a rare opportunity to breed from a stallion of colour with an excellent pedigree that includes Wellington, Nimmerdor, Samber, Ekstein and Dottore among many others. Solaris Buenno is a popular choice for breeders, including HM The Queen Elizabeth II who put her own coloured mare Tiger Lilly (formerly competed by Zara Philips.)

Kambarbay Perlino - Akhal Teke Stallion / Eventing Stallion An Akhal Teke stallion at stud Kambarbay is a horse with the stamina, speed, agility and intelligence to compete in any equestrian discipline, with an excellent jumping technique for show jumping, exquisite movement for dressage and the stamina for eventing.

McJonnas (Frozen Seman) - Cremello Warmblood Stallion McJonnas - Cremello Warmblood Stallion A Cremello warmblood stallion registered with the Czech warmblood association, McJonnas is a stallion with a unique colouring that helps him stand out from the crowed, MCJonnas competed succesfully as a dressage horse and his progeny all inherit his fantastic temperament and his stunning coat colouring.

Umenno (Frozen) - KWPN Coloured Warmblood Stallion Umenno - KWPN Coloured Warmblood Stallion A chestnut Tobiona stallion, Umenno is a powerful mover with a fantastic jumping ability, with a proven competition record with British Showjumping, Umenno is a son of the well known KWPN stallion Wellington his progeny are highly sought after for both breeders of sport horses and coloured horses. Umenno was sold to South Africa but Solaris Sport horses still have frozen semen available for export for countries around Europe.

Solaris Amoureux - Homozygous Black Dressage Stallion Solaris Amoureux - Homozygous Black Dressage Stallion

Breeding Mares - Solaris Sport Horses

Solaris stud breed from proven brood mares chosen for there temperament, ability and pedigree, see below some of the fantastic mares used in the Solaris Sport Horses breeding program.

Solaris Achanenna - (Umenno x Capucino Van Berkenbroek) 2005, Chestnum Tobiana, 1.60m Solaris Achanenna - Tobiana Brood Mare Solaris Extacy (Amoureux x Capucino Van Berkenbroek), 2009, 1.68m Solaris Extacy - Brood Mare Incredible Soprano SSH (Rubin Cortes x Sandro Hit II), 2013, 16.3hh Dressage Brood Mare Jaffa Caxe SSH (Amoureux x Solaris Buenno), 2014, Bay Tobiano, 168cm Jaffa Caxe SSH - Coloured Broodmare Jeux D`Amour SSH (Amoureu x McJonnas), Buckskin, 16.1hh Buckskin Sport Horse Broodmare Kharisma SSH (Kambarbay x San Remo), 2015, Buckskin, 165cm Buckskin Sport Horses Broodmare

Solaris Foals & Young Horses

As a breeder Solaris sport horses produce foals and young horses to excell in any equentrian sport, below you can view come of the outstanding offspring bred at Solaris sport horses. Piquannte SSH (Solaris Buenno x Solaris Amoureux), 2020, Tobiano Mare, SOLD Tobiano - Coloured Foal

Peijing SSH (Governor x Amoureux), 16.1hh, 2020, KWPN Dressage Breeding - Foals Me Myself & I SSH (Finest x Solaris Amoureux) - SOLD Elegant Dressage Colt Foal For Sale Mesmerize-Me SSH - (Zumanji Decor x Edkinghill), 2017 SOLD Mesmerize-Me SSH

Mochaccino SSH - (Hennesy x Umenno), 2017 Bay Tobiano Foal Mochaccino SSH - Tobiano Foal

Mikaela SSH (Kambarbay x San Remo) -, 2007, Buckskin FoalMikaela SSH - Buckskin Foal For Sale

For more information on our stallions at stud or horses for sale, please call 0759 0813 509 or email us on

Solaris Sport Horses, Scotland