Signs You Are A Horse Addict

If you are reading this then the chances are that yes you are a horse addict! But just in case you are in any doubt please read the article below to make sure!

1) Your cant sit and watch a horse scene in the movies without you giving a critique on the riding style and what is wrong. If you have found yourself watching a film and shouting at the screen "HEELS DOWN!" then yes you are a horse addict. Horse Movies 2) Your car is covered in shavings, straw, empty bags of carrots and barely has room for the driver yet alone anything else.
Horse Lovers Car
3) 7 a.m is a lie in as your are you usually need to be down the yard to feed and sort out the horses

4) Your body functions on nothing but caffeine, who needs food anyway! Horse Coffee

5) When you mix your horse friends and non horse friends, your non horse friends can only understand 25% of the conversion as the conversation ends up full of equine jargon.


I had to lunge a really green horse yesterday and he just galloped around the pen the whole time.


Lol OK... What does that mean?


The crazy horse ran really fast in circles while i was holding onto him

6) You can fix 99% of all problems with bailing twine.
Bailing Twine
7) Injuries most people go to hospital for is just an annoyances for you, it is but a scratch.
Horse Scratch
8) Weekends are for horse shows not the pub or seeing friends

9) You go to horse show to see your friends! 7 Day Horse Show 10) Denial, you refuse to admit that you spend too much time with your horse

11) Spending more money on feeding your horse than your weekly grocery shop

12) You spend more money on your horses shoes than your own shoe collection.
Horse Shoes Meme
Horse Addict